fr-Groceries-And-Save-Money How To Know If I Saved The Money When Ordering Food Delivery? Here Are 11 Helpful Tips

How To Know If I Saved The Money When Ordering Food Delivery? Here Are 11 Helpful Tips

How to know if I saved money when ordering food delivery? The service fee, delivery fee, and driver gratuities are some factors that can help you estimate whether you are saving some money from your food delivery orders or not.

Unsurprisingly, almost all of us want to save some extra dollars from food delivery services. But it’s not that easy. So, can you think of any ways to save that cash? Here are some helpful hints for using applications for meal delivery services like GrubHub, Postmaste, DoorDash, UberEats, eezly, and others that can help you save money when ordering food online.

How to know if I saved Money when Ordering Food Delivery?

Let’s have at these secrets of saving money when ordering food online.

How to Find the Best Deals when Ordering Food Delivery

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  1. Compare Delivery Services


The cost may differ even if the cuisine is the same across different food delivery services. It is usually worthwhile to look for the same restaurant on a few different apps, as you can be charged various delivery rates depending on the app.

There is a significant probability that the neighborhood pizzeria, if it appears on DoorDash, will also appear on Uber Eats. Find the best delivery costs and make small financial savings on your subsequent food delivery by comparing pricing across the most widely used food delivery apps in your neighborhood.

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  1. Watch out for Discounts and Coupons

Every single meal delivery service provides discounts and coupons. On occasion, the offers will be directly listed in the app. Other deals need some online research. Check for discounts before placing an order at a certain restaurant or meal delivery service.

Food delivery apps frequently offer discounts in exchange for using a new restaurant or ordering a certain meal from one. A little bit of an adventure could result in even greater savings. You might decide to try a new restaurant rather than your old favorite. Additionally, who knows, perhaps you will discover a new favorite eatery.

  1. Sign up for a Delivery Subscription

Sign up for Food Delivery

Consider getting a delivery membership if you order food frequently. Numerous meal delivery services, like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, now offer subscriptions to assist you in reducing expenses on delivery costs and get free delivery from eateries that would otherwise charge you. Some applications even include limitless free delivery when you subscribe.

Subscriptions for food delivery typically cost $10 per month and might come with extra benefits. For instance, Grubhub+ offers a $10 credit each month for a pickup order, thus making the service free.

  1. Do not tip twice

We are not about to propose you stiff the delivery person for a tip; restaurant delivery drivers put forth a lot of effort. But before handing over cash at the door, it is wise to make sure you have not already been charged for a tip.

Grubhub, Seamless, and DoorDash are a few meal delivery services that automatically tack on a tip to the cost of your order at the checkout. The standard tip is frequently around 20%, so if you give the driver an additional 20% on top of that, that brings the total tip up to 40%. If you have the means to do so, it would be a nice gesture, but if money is limited, it probably is not the best course of action.

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  1. Split a Dish

If you are ordering food to go for your entire family, think about sharing your entree with someone. It instantly reduces the per-person cost in half and aids in weight control.

If you are by yourself at home, think about dividing the dish in half before you begin eating and reserving half of it to reheat for tomorrow’s lunch. You simply have to pay the delivery cost once, making this more affordable than making two smaller, independent orders.

  1. Review Your Mail

Do you regularly receive mail with envelopes loaded with coupons for neighbourhood shops? If so, resist the urge to dismiss them as pointless junk mail. Sometimes they have coupons for nearby restaurants that you may use to get a discount on your takeout order when you check out.

Another potential source of coupons is the circulars for nearby food stores. Shake them before throwing them in the recycling to check if any helpful coupons for nearby restaurants fall out.

  1. Bring Your Friends and Get Some Discounts

The majority of food delivery services let users recommend friends and family in exchange for discounts. If you refer someone through a link, you can get credit when they make a purchase and add it to your account. A wonderful approach to share your preferred food delivery service and make some extra money is to invite friends.

Usually, you only get the kickback when the people you invite buy something for the first time. The fact that they just sign up is insufficient. To put a little money back in your pocket the next time you split dinner with pals, think about having them order using your link.

  1. Select Eateries that provide Free Delivery


Restaurants can decide how much to charge for delivery on the majority of meal delivery services. Free delivery might be an option for some eateries. Others can demand a hefty fee from you. For delivery, we have observed some establishments charge more than $5.

Keep an eye out for any delivery fees that a restaurant may impose. If you have a choice, think about picking a restaurant that provides clients with free delivery. Your wallet and stomach will appreciate it.

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  1. Use a neighborhood Delivery Service


There are a plethora of choices available when it comes to food delivery services. Due to its familiarity and convenience, the majority of individuals frequently use the same app to place their food orders.

However, ordering from a different delivery service, particularly a local one, can help you save money. For example, eezly food delivery service Montreal. Although they may not service many restaurants, these businesses are more effective and competent with local eateries.

Local delivery businesses also provide interesting specials and discounts to draw in new clients because they are smaller. In order to avoid ordering from a neighboring restaurant, first, check if a local alternative is available. Check it out next to see if you can get a deal.

  1. Pay with a credit card

Pay with a credit card

Saving money just by using your credit card is one of the best aspects of owning one. The majority of credit card providers provide their consumers with generous discounts and perks. Discounts on meal delivery services can fall under this.

Like the connection between Apple Card and Uber Eats, which allows cardholders to receive 3% cash back on purchases. Time-saving solutions are also provided by food delivery services. You can also save money by implementing the aforementioned advice. In order to get dinner delivered quickly, turn off the burner and pick up the phone.

  1. Choose the Cheapest Food Delivery Service

Last but not least tip for you is to evaluate which is the cheapest food delivery service.

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  1. How to Save Money on Takeout?


Consider eating in the grocery store as an alternative to ordering takeout to save money. Numerous large supermarkets provide a wide range of prepared dishes, such as rotisserie chickens, cold deli salads, and even pizza.

You have two options for your meal: you can either pick it up yourself (perhaps while doing your usual grocery shopping) or have it delivered together with your other items via a supermarket delivery service. Even though you stretch the delivery fee across a full week’s worth of food, there may still be a fee.

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Bottom Line

This is all about how to know if I saved money when ordering food delivery? You may order anything and have it delivered to your doorway without leaving your comfortable bed, whether it is from a local eatery or a restaurant. If you are a consistent customer, it will be very expensive for you.

But if you follow some of the above-mentioned secrets for saving money when ordering online, you can cut your food ordering expenses.

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