You are currently viewing 13 Best Vegan Restaurants In Montreal To Try

13 Best Vegan Restaurants In Montreal To Try

13 Best Vegan Restaurants In Montreal To Try

The local public is becoming more aware of the environmental, health, and moral virtues of the vegan lifestyle. And vegan eateries are becoming more readily available. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Montreal. These are so authentic and tasty that no one would guess they were vegan.

We are fortunate to live in an era when we can eat pizza, burgers, chicken wings, fresh pasta, and nachos without feeling guilty about the environment or the animals. However, we must acknowledge the greener side of vegan cuisine. The side where veggies are converted into delicious dishes that make us feel invigorated, healthy, and alive. We adore anything, regardless of style.

Here is our list of the best vegetarian restaurants Montreal. There is something on this list for everyone, whether you prefer your vegetables deep-fried and unidentifiable or freshly picked and beautifully seasoned. If you are looking for more vegan-friendly meal ideas, check out our list of the best vegan restaurant in Montreal.

Moreover, we are confident that in our list of the best vegan restaurants near me, you will find the best veggie dining experiences from breakfast to brunch, dinner to late-night snacking, and every chicken meal.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Montreal

  1. Invitation V

Make a reservation at the posh Invitation V for gourmet vegan cuisine. This bistro-style vegan café Montreal is known for its innovative meals and award-winning mixologist-created cocktails. In addition, beverages with a one-of-a-kind blend of ingredients and spirits are spectacular.

The co-global founder’s travels have influenced many of the dishes. Much of the menu includes faux food, which mimics the flavor of real meat without being cruel or compromising animal rights. Additionally, the mushroom burger with vegan pesto and caramelized onions is really delicious. Chefs cook every dish with organic ingredients from local farms.

  1. Copper Branch

If you are a native Montrealer. Copper Branch is proud to be the first 100% vegan restaurant. Copper Branch is the perfect little spot for a nutritious bite, with a few locations throughout the city and a menu of sandwiches, burgers, bowls, chili, and soups.

The cozy, industrial decor, complete with raw wood counters and copper light fixtures, encourages lingering and people watching. Moreover, there are numerous gluten-free and organic options.

  1. LOV

Local, organic, and vegan are the acronyms for LOV. With fanciful white brick walls, rustic basket-like chandeliers, dangling woven egg swings, and dried wildflowers, it is easily the most gorgeous vegan restaurant in Montréal. T-shirts featuring vegan slogans like “Vegan Vower”, “There Is No Planet B,” and “In Plants, We Trust” are available here if you are shopping for vegan gear. The food is as impressive as the decor.

Begin with the macaroni, which chefs boost with kale and sweet potato and squash-based creamy sauce topped with vegan parmesan. Above all, the best vegan poutine is also available at LOV. But try the quinoa fritters with jackfruit and turmeric mayo if that is not your thing. Here, the vegan gnocchi is incredibly plump and drenched in basil pesto. Keep an eye out for the crème brûlée, which is out of this world.

  1. Lola Rosa

This organic vegan restaurant franchise in Montréal offers a relaxed dining experience. Get the set deal to try a side dish like poutine and one of the house drinks like lemonade or hibiscus tea. And very special house drinks like lemonade. Tempeh wraps, bowls, and veggie burgers are among the other options. They also have a large vegan baked goods variety, including a fantastic carrot cake. Even the beers are organic, and some establishments have a full bar.

  1. Resto Vego

Every day, people enjoy over 200 dishes of worldwide and local specialties at this all-vegetarian buffet, which is 80 percent vegan. Resto Végo, which has been around for almost 20 years, is one of the earliest vegan restaurants in Montréal. With nearly 400 seats in its three-story building, outside garden, and front patio, it is Montréal’s largest vegan restaurant.

The laid-back dining room is a self-serve cafeteria with plates sold by weight to reduce food waste. Creative salads, pasta dishes, curries, roasted vegetables, and even a vegan quiche are available options. In addition at the dessert buffet, there is a wide assortment of vegan cakes. A classic Canadian dessert to try is maple cake.

A takeaway service with compostable containers is located on the ground floor.

  1. Crudessence

Crudessence is a flourishing health food brand. It offers cookbooks, coaching sessions, and retreats to help Canadians eat better and live cleaner lives. This restaurant’s passion has earned it a devoted following.

The restaurant focuses on clean and whole foods in its raw entrees, salads, soups, and desserts. All of this passes through the hands of experts to create colorful and filling dishes. Moreover, you can also find the Crudessence products at Avril supermarkets throughout Montreal.

  1. Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres was the first restaurant in Montréal to provide plant-based food, and herbivores have flocked to it ever since. The vegan restaurant boasts a large menu that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Besides their servings are enormous, and the vegetarian butter has a devoted following throughout the city.

Aux Vivres’ chefs employ local ingredients to create vegan-friendly versions of meals from Morocco, Thailand, India, and beyond. Try the tempeh satay from the restaurant’s sister brand, Noble Bean Tempeh, as an appetizer.

Have the dragon bowl as your main course; it is so popular that Aux Vivres, in cooperation with Trees for the Future, is planting a tree for everyone sold. Moreover, the restaurant also employs recycled toilet paper as part of its dedication to environmental sustainability.

  1. Umami Restaurant

The newest ramen restaurant in Montreal is Umami Ramen, and the entire menu is vegan. They began operations at the end of the summer of 2019, and the community there warmly welcomes them. The menu is straightforward, yet it is performed flawlessly. They have three ramen bowl kinds, three Tsukemen bowls, and a few Izakayas.

Because everything is made on-site, each dish is as fresh as possible. This restaurant is not just one of our new favorite places to get ramen in Montreal. However, it is also a beautifully constructed room that will boost your dining experience.

  1. Archway Bar Santé

Archway Bar Santé, located on Wellington Street in Verdun, is a gateway to a healthy diet and lifestyle, as the name suggests. The menu, which is available for brunch, lunch, and supper, is wholly organic and vegan, with various gluten- and soy-free options.

Furthermore, plant-based and adaptogen drinks—amazing mixtures produced from plants, herbs, and mushrooms that have multiple health and mental benefits—are a lovely touch.

  1. Mimi & Jones

Mimi & Jones is an all-vegan diner in Montreal’s Mile End, ideal for individuals who enjoy traditional diner fare but choose to avoid animal products. Our favorites are burgers, “chicken nuggets,” milkshakes, and cheesecake.

There is no need to give up life’s simple joys to make better dietary choices. Mimi & Jones has a pleasant, friendly, and delightfully basic ambiance in addition to the classic menu. In conclusion, if you want to introduce your friends to the delights of vegan food or simply enjoy classic diner fare in a welcoming atmosphere, this is the place to go.

  1. Kupfert & Kim

Kupfert & Kim specializes in plant-based takeout that is perfect for commuters, picnickers, and travelers. All of their sauces, pickles, curries, and burgers are produced from scratch, and their ingredients are naturally gluten-free. (If you have a severe gluten allergy, they advise you to inquire about any potential danger of contamination before it arrives on their grounds.)

You will like the food because proteins and carbs are always present in balance amount. So you can be confident that whatever you order will keep you going for the rest of the day and will not leave you feeling sluggish.

  1. Bloom Sushi

Bloom Sushi’s vegan restaurant old Montreal plant-based makis, designed with care by the chef behind the renowned Sushi Momo, are as appealing for Instagram images as they are for Instagram photos.

Also, the white-painted brick and antique grey stone décor, complete with pale blooms and low-hanging lighting, is a visual feast that pairs well with plum wine cocktails. In addition, the setting is perfect for a romantic rendezvous or an anniversary celebration.

  1. Bowhead pub

Nowadays, vegan food is commonly found as a never-ending carousel of salads, acai bowls, and smoothies, attempting to overcome its poor reputation. This new all-vegan restaurant, which has taken up great real estate on the corner of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Pins Avenue, demonstrates that green cuisine is not always necessary.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, and Frito nachos are all vegan at this restaurant. There are no animals in the liquor or beer on tap. In short, this comfort food mecca is a great place to try to convert folks to the green side.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, whether you want to indulge your taste buds, be more health-conscious, lessen your environmental footprint, or have ethical concerns, Montréal boasts an extraordinary range of 100% vegetarian and vegan restaurants to suit all tastes and situations. The best thing is that you can also get some of this vegan restaurant food via food delivery services in Montreal like eezly, one of the many famous food delivery apps there.

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