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21 TikTok Food Hacks To Improve Your Home Cooking

If you are not part of the millennia, there is a chance that you have tried to avoid TikTok for as long as possible. However, TikTok is more than just a platform for viewing a collection of choreographies and memes. The app is full of exciting knowledge, part of which was written in this post: “21 TikTok Food Hacks To Improve Your Home Cooking.

What Are Food Hacks?

Food hacks are cooking tips that make preparing or eating food easier, faster, or more interesting. They can be as simple as using a knife to hull strawberries or as complex as making your bacon-infused bourbon.

Food hacks have become popular on social media in recent years, as people look for ways to make their cooking and dining experiences more fun and engaging. Many food hacks are developed to make cooking easier. Some tips are about how to cut vegetables quickly or how to make scrambled eggs without any mess. Other hacks are meant to add a bit of flair to the dinner table.

List of 21 TikTok Food Hacks to Help You Improve Your Home Cooking

TikTok is a social media app that, among other things, is full of videos of people demonstrating weird and wonderful cooking hacks. The app has rocked everyone with some of its life hacks you didn’t know you needed.

 Many TikTok users constantly share their cooking tips with their followers, from peeling an orange in one go to making perfect boiled eggs every time to the right way to wash fruit. These hacks could seriously revolutionize your kitchen game. Bringing you this list of food hacks to improve your home cooking is easy. Get ready as you learn about some of the best and most exciting food trends on TikTok. 

  1. Coffee from Dalgona

Dalgona coffee broke the internet in March 2020 by sharing a three-ingredient recipe for the creamiest iced coffee ever. All you need are 2-tablespoons of instant coffee, 2-tablespoons of sugar, and 2-tablespoons of hot water. Once you have all of that in a bowl, whisk until it reaches a thick, creamy consistency. This trend gave rise to many more, such as Pink Dalgona, Dalgona Matcha, and even Whipped Peanut Butter.

  1. Milking cucumbers

Although it may sound disgusting, milking cucumbers helps get rid of the bitter taste they can have. A Tiktok user named @basicallyperkfect shared a hack for milking a cucumber by cutting its edge off and rubbing it on the other slices. A milky white substance will start to come out. It seems to enhance the flavor of the raw cucumber. Never do it until you’re going to eat the cucumber.

  1. Squeeze a lemon without having to separate its seeds

@johannawestbrook shared how to squeeze a lemon without cutting it. Many people didn’t think this would work. You will never take the time to cut a lemon in half after seeing this trick. Using a skewer stick or similarly shaped object, poke a hole in one end of a lemon. Do your best not to pierce through the other end. You can then squeeze the lemon and get all the juice without the seeds or pulp.

  1. Take out the chicken tendons

This hack is probably the best cooking hack by @raising_krazies. You can use this tip to remove the white tendons from the meat when cooking chicken tenderloins. Wrap a fork around the tendon and pull it from the other side, using a paper towel to get a better grip if needed. They come off so easy, making that cut of meat so much easier to prepare.

  1. Using dental floss to cut cake

 You don’t need to cut your cakes with knives anymore with this hack by @inmyseams. Cutting the birthday cake into equal slices is the hardest part of any party. Instead of worrying about keeping a steady hand with a knife, TikTok suggests using some unflavored dental floss to get the slices just right.

  1. Cleaning your strawberries

 Rinsing the strawberries under the tap isn’t enough to clean them. A video by @shaynes_world shows people soaking their strawberries in saltwater, and the result shows tiny bugs and other creatures seemingly crawling out of the fruit. Some are skeptical, so do with this information what you will.

  1. Carrot bacon vegan

Vegan meal replacements are super popular on TikTok, this vegan bacon by @iamtabithabrown will blow your mind. Made from thinly sliced carrots, dip the vegetables in liquid smoke, maple syrup, onion, and garlic powder, then deep-fried.

  1. Using a cup to sharpen a knife

Using a dull knife not only makes cutting difficult but also dangerous. It is because you need more strength and you can hurt your hand. Chefs use a sharpener to get that edge off, but not everyone has one at home. The good thing is that there is an easy way to fix your knives with a household utensil, a cup.

 You cannot use any cup you have at home; it must be a porcelain one. The bottom of all glasses is rougher than the other areas, thus perfect for sharpening knives. The material is similar to a professional knife sharpener, as both are rough.

 To get more edge, the steps to follow are simple. First, you need to turn the cup upside down and find the furry part. Then you must pass the edge several times through the area continuously. Remember to do it on both sides of the knife for the best results. It will cut like new!

 If you have a ceramic plate, it will work just as well. Only scrape using on the hardest and rough parts of the material. So you will never have problems again with not having a sharpener to help you cut better when cooking.

  1. Remove sauce stains from lunch boxes with ease

Who hasn’t suffered seeing that new Tupperware container full of sauce residue that doesn’t clear off when washed? Imagine keeping leftover spaghetti with tomatoes in your Tupperware and not being able to get the stains or the smell out, even with a sponge and detergent.

 When we believe that the stain on the container will remain for life, Tik Tok shows us that there is a solution, and it is simple. You have to put detergent in the container, add a little water, and a sheet of kitchen paper. Then you have to close the container tightly and shake it for a few seconds. As the video shows, that’s enough. There are no more tears for lost Tupperware.

 Another effective trick to remove any residual stain from your lunch box or Tupperware is exposing it to the sun in an open place. The sun can bleach anything exposed to it, so it bleaches the oil stain and gives you flawless Tupperware.

  1. When squeezing the lemon without getting it in your eyes

Here is another hack for food hackers. It is dangerous to add lemon to the Milanesa – especially for the eyes. It is impossible to know which way those drops of acidic juice will come out. They will most likely cause momentary blindness. 

To the luck of all fans of lemon in food, there is a TikTok user who discovered how to squeeze it without complications. How should it be done? With some brochette sticks, you have to pierce the lemon. Try to avoid pinching through the other end. Remove the stick and enjoy the juice. Impressive.

  1. Cut a large number of cherry tomatoes in half at once

 Cherry tomatoes are delicious have become a favorite in salads in recent years. But cutting them in half one by one can take away the enthusiasm for cooking for more than one. It is a tedious and artisanal job.

 Chef Yumna Jawad is the face behind the TikTok account @feelgoofoodie. She posted the solution to cutting these tomatoes in half all at once. You only need to have two Tupperware lids and set a layer of tomatoes between them. With a knife, slide it between the tops, going through the tomatoes, and that’s it. It was recorded clearly in the video. You can try this trick used by food hacking experts. 

  1. You’ve been straining pasta incorrectly your entire life; this is the correct method, according to this user

 You have always strained the pasta wrong.” He explains that the correct way is not to pour it into the colander with water after boiling but to use a colander as a filter so only the cooking water passes through and the noodles remain in the pot. 

Use a smaller strainer than the size of the pot, so you can insert it over the pasta and tilt the pot to filter the water for the trick to work.

  1. Don’t let the empanadas stick

 Cooking empanadas and sticking together can be very unpleasant. Nobody likes having to collect the filling from the dish and ending up eating it bottomless or undone because the dough has stuck. 

Paulina Cocina shared her secret on her TikTok account so that this would not happen. “You do not have to put oil or breadcrumbs on the plate so that the dough does not stick to the pan. You only have to preheat the plate in the oven before putting the empanadas on it”, according to Paulina.

  1. Easy-to-handle plastic wrap

 Plastic wrap is essential for preserving food; it protects food and makes it last much longer. However, it is not suitable for the anxious. It is not easy to handle for those who do not usually use it daily. You have to have a lot of patience to unroll it without it sticking, and in the event of an error, it ends up in a nylon ball.

 The TikTok user, Annie Mendez, shared with her followers the trick to ensure a successful “filming.”

“The rolls of the plastic wrap should be kept in the fridge. This makes the film non-stick and easy to adhere to containers”, said the social network user.

  1. The perfect egg sandwich

 Indeed, egg sandwiches are not the most traditional breakfast, nor is avocado toast. The fact is that this technique can be interesting to improve your sandwich cooking technique or raise the classic French omelet sandwich to a higher level. You can add ham and cheese in the middle in some versions of sandwiches, which is an excellent idea.

  1. Nutella’s secret knife

 Despite not being a trick, it is one of our favorites, although we confess that we have not yet made a foray into the supermarket to check if it is true. According to this TikTok user, it turns out that Nutella has a small plastic knife hidden in its lid to facilitate opening. How have we been able to live without knowing it until now? 

  1. Improvise some whisks

You want to make a cake, a cream, or any recipe in which you have to beat something, but it turns out that there is no whisker at hand. Joining a couple of forks and using them for whisking can be helpful. This hack is one of the easiest camping food hacks. 

However, whisking with forks may not be as comfortable or efficient as with a whisk plus, it is even less effective if attached to a mixer, but it at least helps.

  1. Sneaking pizza and ice cream into a movie theater without drawing suspicion

The viral TikTok trick lets you sneak pizza and ice cream into the cinema without raising suspicion. The video, published on the famous platform, caused a division of opinions among users regarding whether or not to introduce food into movie theaters.

Surely, it must have happened to you. You plan a fun evening at the movies with your friends and, to make it cheaper, you decide to bring your popcorn, your slices of pizza, or your drink from home. However, you are not allowed to enter the room with food from the entrance the venue when you arrive at the venue, 

 There is a widespread belief that taking food into cinemas is prohibited. Well, that’s fine; it’s fake. You can take your food from home and enjoy it in the movie theater no matter how much the people in charge of the cinema tell you at the door. 

You can always use this ingenious trick to sneak food into the cinema without any hassle of dialectical confrontation, filling out a complaint form, or filing a complaint at a consumer office.

That’s what a Mexican TikTok user who calls herself “Mrs. Styles” has done. Through a video that has gone viral, she explained the curious methods she uses to enter the cinema with pizza and ice cream without anyone noticing anything. 

The young woman via the profile @ealeecs revealed that you only need an empty glass of soda (previously washed). Then place the ice cream tub of your favorite flavor. Afterward, it is only a matter of putting the original lid of the soft drink on the glass and it will go completely unnoticed at the entrance of the venue.

A few days later, she published another video in which she showed the trick to introducing several slices of pizza inside the cinema. Being larger, it seems somewhat more complicated but the young woman manages to do it without anyone noticing and with the perfect naturalness in the world. 

It is enough to use the typical empty cardboard box, where popcorn is usually served, On this occasion. Place the portions inside and place a cardboard lid to cover them. You can put some popcorn on top to cover the original hiding place. So you can enjoy your pizza at the movies without paying more. However, the videos caused a division of opinions regarding whether or not it is legal to introduce food to these establishments. 

  1. The ultimate trick to opening food jars: you will only need a rubber band

Some homemade tricks help to facilitate some daily tasks in the kitchen. Use them because you might never have stopped to think about the best way to do some of the routine tasks. There is also a life hack to open the food jars, and you will only need a rubber band.

One of the most laborious challenges when working in the kitchen is opening the jars of food. The food hack requires nothing else but a couple of rubber bands to open the jar. This hack was shared by the user @lauren.clutter, who is dedicated to uploading helpful tips to help people with household chores. She shared her method for opening food jars.

“Mom’s best trick,” as she describes it, has managed to go viral. The method is simple: wrap the elastic band around the lid and twist it open. “You are the best mom, but not only that, you have the best life hacks,” commented a user.

Praising the “good advice,” many have been encouraged to try the trick. Lauren herself was surprised with the rapid effect of the band, which meant she managed to open the container in a matter of seconds. “Thanks! I was so excited for it to work, “Lauren wrote in the comments.

  1. The TikTok trick for squeaky-clean kitchen grids

 Here is also a lifehack to leave kitchen grates sparkling. The life hack, or cleaning hack, requires nothing more than hot water and a couple of dishwashing tablets. The TikTok user, Caroline McCauley, dedicated to uploading helpful tips to help people with household chores, shared her method for cleaning kitchen grates. 

The woman submerged the kitchen grates in hot water and added two dishwashing tablets in the viral TikTok video. She then put the trays to rest, and voila. You can see that the grids were shiny and impeccable without much effort in a few seconds.

Using these tablets instead of common soap makes the task easier since it cleans dirt that is often not seen and helps remove stains in a simple, and fast way. 

  1. Start a fire without using matches or a lighter!

 Here is an easy camping food hack. Yes, you can light the fire without matches or any lighter. This hack will help you make fire with some foods. For example, tortilla chips and Cheetos are highly combustible, making them ideal for starting a fire. They’re also a tasty snack and can be eaten as a delicious meal.

Having given you the 21 Tiktok food hacks to improve your home cooking, here is an extra easy camping food hack as a bonus for you.

Read this article we wrote: 26 Camping Food Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Pack and transport eggs in a water bottle

eggs for a camping trip can be difficult because you must do it with caution. Otherwise, they may break and create shambles. To avoid the extra effort of putting them on top of everything, simply break them up ahead of time and dip them into a large water bottle. You could store up to eight eggs, depending on their size. It will even assist you in combining them to create a delicious dish like an omelet.

We hope that you find this article on the 21 food hacks to improve your cooking enlightening. We know that you will be able to make the most of your cooking now that you are aware of these cooking hacks. If you have any other questions or concerns about cooking, please contact us at any time.

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