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6 Best Restaurants To Order Takeout In Montreal

Montreal is an exciting city home to a collection of excellent restaurants. From upscale French restaurants to a casual deli, there’s a top-notch restaurant to suit all tastes and budgets.

However, not all restaurants in Montreal offer takeout options for their customers. Knowing the several benefits takeout offers, you might want to search for takeout restaurants in Montreal. Here we save you the stress of searching by providing you with a list of the best in Montreal.

What is takeout, and how does it work?

You might want to ask what takeout is and how it works for someone unfamiliar with it. You’ve most likely have used it when ordering food before. Takeaway is another way of ordering meals at the restaurant, without eating on the spot. Takeaway has existed for a long time as a delivery service feature, but it increased in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ordering food via takeaway involves collecting food at the restaurant after pre-ordering via a phone call or an app and picking it up at the restaurant for consumption at a different location.

Ordering food via takeaway from restaurants is increasing in Montreal mainly due to most eaters having hectic routines. The takeout ordering system is beneficial in such a scenario.

Restaurants offering curbside takeout optimize time for those with busy schedules because they can pre-order before visiting the restaurant. For instance, instead of seeing a restaurant and waiting at a sushi bar, you can place an order in advance and take it away immediately after you arrive.

More so, in a situation where a restaurant is close to you, and the delivery fee is expensive, you might want to consider searching for takeout restaurants open now near me. Also, if you are close to a restaurant area for some reason, you might think it unnecessary to mobilize a delivery person or pay the delivery fee when you can pick it up without stress.

Another benefit of the takeaway option is the flexibility it offers. It offers a mix of using technology to place an order together with the chance to pick it on the spot. More so, with takeout, you have the opportunity to buy meals from restaurants that you’re curious of trying their food, but their delivery radius is not in your area.

Is there any difference between Takeout and Delivery?

Although both delivery and takeout ordering systems look similar, they are different. The delivery option allows you to order from the restaurant by phone, website, app, and other media without visiting any restaurants.

Therefore, you do not have to show up at the restaurant, as food delivery services will deliver to your doorstep. If you’d like to consider using the delivery option, you can search for the term “food delivery services near me in Montreal,” “24-hour food delivery near me,” etc. One of the services is the eezly Montreal food delivery app.

On the other hand, takeout requires you to go to the restaurant to pick up your meal. You can either order and wait for preparation at the restaurant or place an order in advance before a visit. Sometimes, restaurants combine these two options to complement the delivery for customers who prefer to pick up food on site. This is because restaurants are adapting to the needs of consumers to satisfy them by keeping up with the trend.

How to can I find Takeout Restaurants open now near me in Montreal?

Finding restaurants offering takeout options to their customers is very easy to do. You can search for queries like, “takeout restaurants near me .”You can narrow your search by searching for takeout restaurants open now near me to know which restaurants are open within the particular hour. Here are some of the best restaurants offering takeout options in Montreal

1. Schwartz’s Deli

Schwartz’s Deli is known for serving one of the best sandwiches in Montreal, and the good news is that they offer takeout options. The sandwich is delicious, and the meat melts in your mouth! The most traditional dish at this place costs $10.25, but one is enough for lunch. Although the dishes are being generously served, you may prefer to order two if you want to eat more.

Deli Schwartz’s has a small space constantly flooded by tourists and locals. The small space means that the tables are installed close to each other. Therefore, it may be preferable to order food for takeout. It is natural to have a line at the door at lunchtime. You can try to arrive early for lunch or late (after 2:30 pm); that way, you avoid the busiest hours.

Address: 3895 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal
Phone: (514) 842-4813
Opening Hours: Mon–Thu, Sun: 8:00–0:30\Fri: 8:00– 1 :30\Sat: 8:00–2:30

2. La Banquise

Known as the most traditional place in Montreal to eat poutine (a typical Canadian dish invented in Quebec), La Baquise is so successful that it is normal to find a long queue outside its door to get a table. The restaurant is so famous that it serves up to 3,000 poutines a day. La Baquise specializes in serving poutines and offers several side dishes and the most varied mixes. The classic dish recipe is made with fries, pieces of cheese, and gravy.

Still, this restaurant’s combinations include ingredients like bacon, guacamole, beef, sausage, cream cheese, chili, chicken, onion, mushrooms, tomato, pepper, and so on. Several combinations are served, and they all seem to please the public. After all, the house is open 24 hours, and the movement never stops.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is informal, with colorful tables crammed into the lounge and writing on the walls. It’s a place with a cheerful atmosphere and a little noisy, ideal to go with family or friends. It’s not the kind of place recommended for a romantic dinner, but it’s sure to please if you’re looking for good poutine for takeout. The portions served are generous, and the price is fair. Even with a whole house, their attendants are always super-friendly, and the food is always promptly served.

Classic poutine costs $7.75 (medium) or $12.50 (large) and the other versions, which have more ingredients, cost between $9 and $13 (small) or $14 and $18 (large). A medium serving will serve you well if you don’t usually eat a lot. And if you don’t think poutine is your thing, that’s fine too, because the restaurant serves hamburgers, hot dogs, salads and other dishes. On the La Banquise website, you can check the menu and its prices.

Tip: the queue outside the restaurant is constant, and reservations are not made. Usually, it moves fast because the turnover at tables is high, but the wait on cold days may be pretty dull. If you make a point of trying the poutine and don’t want to face a long line, our suggestion is to order takeout, which is much faster. To do so, go to the restaurant’s door and go to the left side of the line, where takeout orders are made.

Address: 994, rue Rachel Est, Montreal
Phone: (514) 525-2415
Hours: Mon-Sun: 24 hours\n

3. Fairmount Bagel

It may not be obvious, but the bagel is yet another Montreal staple, and one of the classic places to try it in the city is Fairmount Bagel. The house has been in operation since 1919 and, despite being in a minimal space, which barely holds a dozen people, lines to try their bagels are frequent.

The bagel is like a donut, lightly salted, which can be enhanced with some ingredients, such as grains and garlic. It is very popular as a breakfast or snack option. However, for Montrealers, eating it plain is a bit bland, so try to order your bagel with butter or cream cheese; that way, it tastes better.

You should order cheap food for takeout, as the place doesn’t have enough space. If you search for a ‘takeout restaurant open now near me,’ Fairmount is always open 24/7. The service is done at the cashier, and you must stand in line to place your order.

Address: 74 Fairmount O, Montreal
Phone: (514) 272-0667
Hours: Mon-Sun: 24 hours\n

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4. Jardin Nelson

Jardin Nelson is one of the best restaurants offering takeout in Montreal. This restaurant is in the heart of Montreal’s old town. It’s a restaurant in a stone building, which doesn’t arouse much interest from the outside, but inside, it’s very charming. The restaurant is spacious and looks like a garden, all in bloom. It is a cozy place, with a laid-back atmosphere, great for a leisurely meal and enjoying its charming atmosphere.

The menu is full of dishes, and there are so many options that it is even difficult to choose what to order. On the menu, you will find several drink options, with or without alcohol, cheese platters, sandwiches, crepes, as well as salads and sweets. It’s not a very cheap place, but the service is good, and the atmosphere is delightful. The restaurant has live music and can be a good choice for an afternoon snack or dinner with jazz music.

Note that Jardin Nelson is not open year-round. The place is open seasonally when the weather in Montreal is not so cold — usually between mid-April to mid-October. You can check the restaurant’s website to ensure the restaurant will be open for the duration of your trip.

Address: 407 Place Jacques-Cartier, Vieux-Montréal
Phone: (514) 861-5731
Hours: Mon–Sun: 11:30–1:00\n

5. Juliette & Chocolat

For those who like crepes, cakes, hot chocolate, or other chocolate delights, one of the must-see places in Montreal is Juliette & Chocolat. The restaurant has many goodies and will undoubtedly help you satisfy your desire for sweet taste. Juliette & Chocolat is present in several addresses in the city, and each offers a curbside takeout option, so it is worth researching which one is closest to you.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is informal, without much decoration, but the smell of chocolate is enough to win over customers. The menu is extensive and has varieties of hot chocolates, iced chocolate, sweets, pies, cakes, waffles, fondue, etc. Among the options on the menu are hot chocolate ($5.99), cheesecake ($9.95), tiramisu ($6.75), classic waffle ($12.95), and fruit fondue ($11.95). The restaurant’s website has the entire menu and prices up to date.

Address: 3600 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal
Phone: (438) 380-1090
Hours: Mon–Fri: 4:00pm–10:00pm\n Sat: Noon – 22:00\n Sun: 11:00–19:00\

6. Olive et Gourmando

Olive et Gourmando is a boulangerie restaurant specializing in sandwiches, bread, and cakes. The place is small and informal, with shared tables and fast food. Its spirit is cheerful and ideal for having breakfast or lunch with a simple but tasty meal.

The restaurant is located in Old Montreal and is one of the most successful, so it is not uncommon to have a queue at the door. The menu is short, reasonable price and their service are good. the menu were hot paninis, sandwiches ($10.50), soups ($8), and salads ($18) (Canb u add the prices for paninis as the other food items). The house always has different daily dishes, so it’s worth checking out the menu of the day!

Address: 351, rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal
Phone: (514) 350-1083
Hours: Mon–Sun: 8:00–17:00\n

We hope that this article has provided an answer to your “takeout restaurants open now near me” query. Have you tried ordering takeouts from any other restaurant in Montreal? Kindly let’s know in the comments section below. If you prefer food delivery options, we recommend using the eezly Montreal food delivery app.

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