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6 Hack to Save On Food Delivery Cost on Food Apps

Saving money on food delivery is a multi-faceted approach, which is not limited to getting the best deals on menu prices alone. You might think you have got the best saving on your order after applying a coupon or discounts code to reduce the menu price. Delivery fees account for much of the high cost of food delivery. Thus, you need to think about how to save on delivery cost, to get the best savings.

Most consumers do not know the exact delivery fees because they ignore them on the billing page. Some third-party food delivery services add the delivery cost with the menu prices, so users are not aware of the high cost of their delivery service. Taking note of your monthly delivery expenses is imperative.

This post will open your eyes to the out-of-the-pocket delivery expenses of a regular food delivery app user. This will make you aware of how much you probably lose by not using hacks to save some fees on delivery.

Therefore, this post is not about the general food delivery hack. It is about saving on delivery fees, which is one of the critical aspects of saving money in food delivery. Knowing and applying these hacks to save on delivery cost will save you a fortune.

How Much Can You Save On Food Delivery Cost?

The amount you can save on delivery fees depends on several factors. Firstly, it depends on the hack you use. There are different hacks, and each of them has a varying extent to which they can help you save money on delivery.

Moreover, how much you can save on the foods app depends on how often you use the service. There are hacks that best work for a regular food delivery app user but are not ideal for a user that seldomly orders food for delivery. This is also vice versa.

However, be sure that you will save a lot of money on delivery between 10-20%. Let’s look into the tricks you can use to save money on food and delivery fees.


• Use Local Food Apps

Many food shoppers think they could only get the best delivery services on popular food apps like Foodora and the likes. Do not be fooled, there is actually no difference in the quality of services you get on multinational food delivery companies and the local food apps. They are perfectly identical. Both platforms are food aggregator services that feature the best restaurants. Both have a review system that allows you to check consumers’ reviews on each restaurant on the apps. Both allow comparison of menu prices, delivery time, fees, etc.

Multinational food delivery services often cost (much) more delivery fees than the local food apps like eezly. More so, some of the famous brands add intermediate fees on the menu price. That is, they charge an extra fee different from the exact restaurant menu price.

Try replacing the big brands you are used to buying with the low-cost local food delivery services like eezly. Once the psychological barrier has been broken, you will be surprised by how much you save.

• Pay For Delivery Subscription

If you are a regular food app user, subscribing to a delivery service is a great way to save money on delivery. Suppose you order food for delivery 5-times a week, and you pay between CAD 2 – 3 for delivery fees on each other. That means your total cost of delivery ranges between CAD 10 – 15 in a week.

How about you pay a monthly subscription fee of CAD 9 – 15 for an unlimited amount of delivery within the subscription period? You can save up to CAD 20 – 30 on your monthly delivery expenses by using this method.

So instead of paying delivery fees every time you place an order for food, you can just subscribe and get the expenses covered, irrespective of the times you place an order within the period. It will help you save on food delivery cost.

• Compare Delivery Fees on Food Apps

One of the benefits of using food aggregator apps like eezly is that it allows you to compare the delivery fee of each restaurant. This will allow you to order from a restaurant with less-expensive delivery fees.

Pro tip: eezly is a perfect food app with such function. You can use it to compare delivery fees and the delivery time from different restaurants.

• Use Geolocation Feature

This method will help you save time and money on food delivery. You might wonder how using the geo-location feature will help you save some fees on delivery, here is an explanation. The proximity of a restaurant to your address can have an impact on the delivery fees you pay.

You may pay more on delivery if you order from a restaurant in a far distance. Conversely, ordering food from a nearby restaurant can help you save money on food delivery. You can locate the restaurants near you by using the geolocation feature on your food delivery app. The eezly Montreal food app has a geo-location feature that will help you locate a nearby restaurant. This will help you save some fees on delivery.

• Order Meals in Group

Placing bulk orders for a group is another way to save some fees on delivery. You can ask your colleagues at work or family if they will like to order a meal with you, so you order for a group, instead of solely placing an order for yourself.

This will save you some fees because you will share the details fee among the group. Also, some restaurants offer free shipping when you place a bull order.

• Reduce how often you use food delivery services per day

Frequently ordering food for delivery can increase the cumulative delivery fees you pay. You can plan your menu for the day and order two meals (like lunch and dinner at once) instead of ordering separately. You can use this method if you are not subscribed to any food delivery services.

Hope this article enlightened you on how to save money on food in Montreal? This will help you save money on food on any app. Perhaps you know other hacks to save on food delivery cost? Kindly let us know in the comments section. eezly is a local food delivery app that will help you save a lot on delivery. Their app is available on both Google PlayStore and iOS stores. We recommend that you install their apps and start getting the best deals on your meal.

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