About eezly

eezly, which officially launched in August 2021, was founded by Phil Dallaire with the purpose of making the world more efficient by redefining the status quo of online food delivery through its unique price comparison feature of food delivery companies. The new and innovative Montreal startup has the vision to help people, all around the world, have better control over their buying decisions, and their mission is to help people save time and money every time they order online. 


The eezly family, composed of eight incredibly talented people of five different nationalities, has already over one hundred partners integrated to its platform in the Montreal metropolitan area. Their adventure is just starting, and you can join them by downloading eezly on the App store or Google Play Store.

Why does eezly exist?

Our purpose is to make the world more efficient.

Our vision is to help people, all around the world, have better control over their buying decisions.

Our mission is to help people save time and money every time they order online.

How did eezly start?

The idea to optimize the way people order food online came in July 2020 when the founder, Phil Dallaire, was living in Shenzhen, China. Having experienced the convenience of technology in Chinese peoples’ life, he wanted to develop a delivery platform for the North American market that would not only focus on food, but on the essentials of everyday life such as corner shops items, pharmacies products and groceries.

Through his initial research, he concluded that many players were already competing in this space. Phil did, however, identify a major problem that was not addressed by any solutions on the market: “How can people know if they got the best deal when ordering food or products online? In most cases, people wonder if they could have paid less by ordering on another app. There are probably millions of people who would like a solution to this problem.” This gap analysis proved to be the catalyst that ultimately led to the creation of eezly.

While still in Shenzhen, in August 2020, Phil started developing the team to make his vision a reality. Since he was on the other side of the planet from his target market and wanted to start the project right away, he decided to turn to freelancers that could complement the skills he didn’t have.

Fast-forward a year later, eezly officially launched the first version of its price comparison feature for food delivery on the 4th of August 2021. The dream team is now composed of eight people that are from five different nationalities which are Belgium, Pakistan, India, Colombia, and Canada.

Looking forward, eezly will continue to integrate many more food delivery companies to constantly bring more values to its users in Canada and eventually, internationally. The team also plans to expand its unique price comparison feature to other parts of the food industry, such as grocery delivery.

What makes eezly unique ?

Here are six reasons why eezly is nothing like other food delivery companies.

#1 eezly doesn’t consider itself as a food delivery company but as a food delivery service aggregator and a strategic partner to food delivery companies.

#2 eezly allows customers to compare different food delivery services by cheapest, fastest, and zero emissions.

#3 eezly’s customers save time and money on every order.

#4 eezly’s customers only need one account to order from all the different food delivery partners.

#5 eezly’s customers benefit of transparent pricing as they can choose among different delivery services instead of only one.

#6 eezly supports the local economy by helping restaurants keep more 8% commission to in their pockets as we have one of the lowest commission rate in the industry.

What are eezly’s values?

Never settle for the status quo

We believe in constantly challenging the status quo and embrace change in everything we do and create.

Obsessed with making our customers and partners happy

We believe that making our customers and partners happy is at the core of our duty. Without them, we are nothing.

Be transparent

We believe in being transparent in everything we do to offer the best service possible.

Create the best experience

We believe in only delivering high-quality products and always be improving to offer the best experience possible to our users.

Doing the right thing

We believe that everyone is responsible to make this world a better place and we do so through our innovations and creations.

Keeping things simple

We believe that the best things in life are simple, and we believe in applying this simplicity in what we create.

How does the app work ?

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