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Acquire new customers and grow your sales with eezly ally

Join the eezly family as a grocery or local shop partner to increase your visibility and your customer base.

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Benefits of Being A Partner

Get valuable market data

We share some data with you regarding the products that you were the most and least expensive, the alternative products’ users chose, the total price of each grocery stores for a specific user shopping cart, and more.

Acquire a new pool of customers

Customers will physically go in your store after they’ve compared prices and decided they want to buy from you.

Increase your visibility

Get your brand discovered by a new pool of potential customers every day.

Increase your sales

Grow your sales by having new customers discover you and buy from you.

Easily integrate your store

Integrating your grocery store or your local shop with eezly is easy, fast, and efficient.

How to become a partner?

1. Sign up
2. Integrate
3. Go live
4. Acquire

How does it work?

1. Users enter their full grocery shopping list on eezly

2. They receive the detailed prices of the selected products of each banner

3. They physically go in the store to purchase those products

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