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Best 50 Food Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

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What are some good food hacks for 2022? Are you a food hacks lover? Are you looking for some quick and smart food hacks to turn your regular boring-looking meals into something fun? Or are you simply looking for some great kitchen hacks to lessen your cooking time? Whatever the reason you are looking for some food hacks, you are in the right place. 

Here, at eezly, we have crafted a list of handy but simple food hacks that will make your cooking experience far easier than you expected. So, let’s start with a list of the best 50 food hacks to aid you to become the best home-chef version of yourself. 

Tips for Food Hacks Lover

1. Keep Your Cookies Soft 

To keep your cookies fresh as day one and keep their softness as it is, all you have to do is add a slice of store-bought white bread in the air-tight cookie jar. You can also use this food hack to keep your muffins and cupcakes soft and fresh like bakeries. In addition, the white bread slice will keep your cookies and cupcakes from getting stiff and slouchy. 

2. Get rid of those ugly looking graying potatoes 

The oxidization of starch on the surface of sliced potatoes causes the grayish and brownish hues to appear after a few minutes of their cutting. To prevent this from happening, just put the potatoes in cold water after cutting them. Then, discard the water and use the fresh-looking potatoes for cooking purposes. 

3. No more Black Rotten Bananas

By wrapping the head/edges of your bananas bunch in plastic wrap, you can keep the fruit fresh. It will keep the yellow peel from going all black and brown due to the release of ethylene gases which cause rapid ripening of fruit. Also, separating each banana and then wrapping its edge is more practical and will keep your bananas fresher for more extended periods. 

4. Bananas Hanger are lifesavers 

Banana’s hanger keeps the air around bananas moving. It will allow the ethylene gases to move away from fruit instead of spoiling the produce. 

5. Your oven can be your proofing drawer 

A good proofing of dough is necessary to bake soft and perfect bread. But sometimes, the kitchen is too cold to allow the ideal and much-needed proofing of dough to happen. You can use your oven in this regard. Do not turn it on; just put a tray of boiling water underneath your dough bowl, and close the oven door. The humidity and warmth inside will give the perfect environment for proofing, and the results will leave you all happy and satisfied. 

6. Keep your peanut butter in an upside-down position 

The oils in your peanut butter and other nut butter jars came on the top surface, and you have to stir them to get back the thick texture to the surface. By turning your peanut butter jar upside down, the oils will move to the bottom of the surface, and you will find thick, moist-looking peanut butter at the top waiting for you to scoop it out. 

7. Don’t waste Over-ripe bananas 

Next time you have over-ripe bananas, it is the perfect time to bake banana bread. The black or brown banana might give an ugly look, but there are much sweeter than normal bananas. Also, their softness allows easy mashing giving the perfect texture to your batter. 

8. Freeze your single-serving sauces 

Have delicious leftover sauces from last night’s barbeque party? Don’t worry; now they will not go to waste. Instead, you can store them in your freezers. The store-bought plastic egg cartons are perfect for storing your sauces in the freezer. If you have some extra ice trays, do not hesitate to use them. To use later, keep the condiments in the fridge for at least 2 hours and then at room temperature for 15-20 minutes.   

9. Make gravy More delicious 

To make your gravy packed with more vitamins, nutrients, and taste, use the water from boiled veggies along with juices from your roasted meat. It will give the right and healthy flavor to your gravy. 

10. Change your pizza reheating game


Reheating your leftover pizzas causes the bread to go hard. To enjoy your pizza as a freshly baked one, keep the glass of water in the oven the next time you heat the leftovers. Water will lock in the moisture, and your pizza will come out all soft and cheesy. 

11. Enjoy Lump-free Mashed potatoes 

Using an electric hand-mixer will not only save you from strenuous arm work out to mash the potatoes perfectly, but there will be no lumps in your mash as well. 

12. No more hard clusters of Brown Sugar 

Yes, brown sugar is much healthier than white sugar. But all that determination to use the brown sugar goes down the bin when you see the struggle of breaking hard clusters of brown sugar in the jar. Now you can prevent the hardening of brown sugar by keeping a slice of apple or orange peel along with your brown sugar in an air-tight container. 

Another life hack for brown sugar users is that you guys can place the glass of water along with the sugar jar in the oven. The moisture of water will cause the softening of brown sugar. 

13. Enjoy Kale Salad Like Never Before 

Kneading the Kale a few minutes before using it in salad cause the softening of leaves which easily blend in with the rest of the vegetables. Throw a pinch of salt, few drops of olive oil, and knead the leaves until they start to wilt a little bit. Then add them to your salad, and enjoy a healthy Kale Salad like never before. 

14. No More Slipping Bowls 

We understand how hard it can get to mix thick ingredients in a bowl when it keeps on slipping on the kitchen counter. Putting a moist dishtowel under the bowl on the counter can prevent this slipping allowing you to have a proper grip on the bowl and give the contents a mix it needs. 

15. Get a Chilled Wine in a few minutes 

This one is especially for all the food hack lover out there. Now you don’t have to wait an hour or so to enjoy a cold sparkly wine. Find a tall pitcher or a bowl big enough to accommodate your wine bottle. Add cold water in the bowl or pitcher and a tablespoon of salt. Then put your wine bottle in the pot. Stir water and salt mixture every few seconds. That’s it, and a chilled wine bottle will be there for you in just 10-15 minutes.

16. Use nutritional Yeast for cheesiness. 

Now vegans can enjoy cheesy dairy-free foods. Using nutritional Yeast increases the cheesiness of food without adding dairy items to it. 

17. No more stale old bread 

If you have a few days old stale unsliced bread like sourdough, baguettes, ciabatta, and other unsliced loaves, then this food hack is for you. Sprinkle a little bit of water on the bread and place the tray with bread in the preheated oven for a few minutes. The staleness in the bread will be gone, and a fresh-looking bread will come out of your oven. 

18. Get that delicious golden hue in your air fryer food 

We all miss the crispy golden brownish texture in our air-fryer-made food. But now you can get this texture even in your air fryer as well. Just give your food a quickie of cooking spray before putting it in the air fryer. The small amount of grease is all your food needs to turn into crispy golden-hued food we all love. 

19. Keep your Ice-cream from melting

When on the road, you can keep your ice-cream bucket from melting by wrapping it in plastic bubble wrap. This way, your ice cream will maintain its actual shape for hours without a freezer. 

20. Always have coffee ice-cubes stored in your freezer 

Next time you make a delicious cold coffee for your pals, do not turn its flavor down using the water ice cubes. The iced coffee cubes will keep the rich flavor of cold coffee as it is. 

21. Get your eggs at room temperature 

Room-temperature items are a must when it comes to baking. So, next time you forget to take out eggs from the fridge, just put them in a bowl of warm water. The eggs will immediately get to room temp, and you can use them without waiting.  

22. Remove Eggshells from batter like a pro 

Next time eggshell falls in your batter mix, don’t start wrestling with it. Instead, wash your hands and pick up that eggshell piece with moist fingers. That’s it, simple yet useful. 

23. Scoop out the seeds 

Yes, you heard it right. You can use an ice-cream scoop to scoop out the seeds from vegetables and fruits without wasting the edible part. 

24. Change your jar labeling game 

Get rid of the lengthy procedure of cutting down papers, writing on them, and sticking them onto jars. Now, all you have to do is get a broader rubber band and wrap it around your mason jars and label them with a permanent marker.

25. No more mess of grated cheese 

Grated cheese indeed adds a lot of flavors to any food. But grating cheese is a whole messy and sticky procedure we don’t want to experience again and again. So, to prevent your cheese from sticking to the grater, give your grater surface a quick britz of cooking spray. The oil will keep the cheese from sticking and blocking the grater’s holes. 

26. Pair your pasta with the right sauce 

When making conchiglie (shell pasta), use sauce that accumulates inside the shells and sticks to the outer surface of pasta shells. In the case of Fettucine, use the thick sauce which sticks with pasta. In short, use the proper seasoning for every pasta type to enhance pasta taste. 

27. Don’t throw away burnt biscuits 

If your biscuits are burnt from the bottom or the edges, just slowly grate the biscuit on a grater surface. The burnt character will come out, leaving freshly baked biscuits in your hand. 

28. Get more juice out of your lemon 

Warm lemons have more juice in them than cold lemons. So, next time you need lemon juice, microwave them for 20-30 seconds. It will soften the surface, making the lemons easily squeezable. Also, you will have more lemon juice. 

29. Make Perfect Meatballs

Want to know the secret food hack for making perfect meatballs? Use an ice-cream scoop to give the ideal circle shape to your meatballs. 

30. Keep your herbs from wilting

secret food hack for making perfect meatballs

Want to know how the chefs keep their herbs always fresh? Just use a jar with water in it. Keep your herbs in an upright position in the pot, just like you maintain your flowers. Also, change the water daily and keep them from direct sunlight. Your herbs will last longer than you thought. 

31. Peeling Tomatoes is not tricky now

Want to get rid of sticky hands and wasted fruit while peeling tomatoes? Boiling your tomatoes before peeling makes the peeling much easier. Just mark an X at the stem of the tomato and put them in boiling water. Leave it there for 30 seconds. After removing from hot water, immediately add the tomatoes into cold water. When cool enough to handle, peel off all the skin using hands. It will come off effortlessly. 

32. Increase your counter space 

Have dinner at your home? Need some extra counter space? Well, your iron board is your new kitchen best friend. Just place the iron board in us near your kitchen and put the prepared items or extra utensils on it to less down the clutter from your cooking surface. 

33. Use Canning Tongs

Gloves are not helpful when removing small pots like ramekins from a hot water bath. That’s why our next hack for food hacks lover is to use the canning tings to remove the ramekins from hot surfaces. The smooth and round edges will help you to firmly and adequately grip the item without the fear of splashing hot water or food content all around. 

34. Save time while peeling garlic. 

The most strenuous task while preparing food is peeling each and every clove of garlic. But not now; grab a chef’s knife and whack each clove with it. The peel will come off itself and leave a clean garlic clove ready to use in your food. 

35. Remove pits from cherries easily 

No one likes the hard pits while relishing the heavenly flavor of cherries. So, to remove the pits, place your cherries in the mouth of an empty beer bottle. Then use a chopstick to push out the pit down in the bottle and get lost in the delicious flavors of pet-free berries. 

36. Save your gingers from peelers 

Do not waste almost half your ginger while peeling its skin off with a peeler. Instead, use a teaspoon to remove the papery skin without wasting the ginger.  

37. Use baking soda to remove grease and stains 

After a long day of cooking and baking, cleaning greasy and stained utensils and countertops is not something you want. So, here is a lifesaving kitchen hack for all food hacks lovers. First, make a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Leave it in the greasy or stained utensils or surface for a few minutes. Then, wash or wipe them with water to get a clean and clear result. 

38. Orange Juice is a new compliment for marinades 

Don’t have lemonade juice at hand for marinades? Don’t worry; you can use orange juice as well. The perfect citrus and sweet orange juice mix will uplift the marinade’s flavor. Also, when perfectly mixed with honey and ginger, the orange juice can make your marinades far better than the lemon juice marinades. 

39. Peel a large batch of boiled eggs in one go

Want to know how restaurants workers peel off the large batches of boiled eggs every morning? Put boiled eggs in a container and cover it with a lid. Shake the container and give it a few jerks by moving it up, down, left, and right. Al the shells will come out quickly, and you can pick your boiled eggs easily. 

Tip: Do not shake very hard as it can break the boiled egg. 

40. Enjoy super savory popcorn

Peel a large batch of boiled eggs in one go

Mix the butter with soy sauce and pour it on your popcorn with a bit of salt. We know you will not go back to the plain popcorns again.

41. Prevent your syrup from sticking to spoon 

We all hate when our favorite syrup sticks to the spoon and does not come off immediately. So, here is a food hack for it too. Dip the spoon in hot water before pouring syrup in it, or you can apply a thin layer of less flavored oil. The greasy and hot surface will keep the syrup from sticking to the spoon’s surface. 

42. Keep Food from Mixing

Packing lunch for toddlers or organizing parties for them is not easy, especially when they all are picky eaters, which they often are. So, to keep lunch content from mixing, you can use the cupcake liners to organize the food, like placing fruit slices in a one-liner and roasted shrimps in another. 

43. Plate Cakes Like a Master chef 

Want to plate a cleanly cut cake with the right edges? Using a sharp, warm, and clean knife can help you. Place your knife in hot water for a few seconds, wipe it on a cloth, and cut the cake. Repeat these steps for each piece, and you will have a restaurant look-a-like cake piece right in front of you. 

44. Hull Your Strawberries 

Eating strawberries is one thing, and you often find hulling easy while just relishing the taste. But while baking a strawberry cake, syrup, or another dessert, removing that green crown took a whole lot of effort. So to make it easy for our food hacks lover, here is another best hack for you. Pick up a drinking straw, insert it in the tip of the strawberry, and push it so that it comes out from the other part of the strawberry taking out the green crown with it. 

45. Shred Chicken Quickly

No more shredding each and every chunk of chicken to get a perfect shredded chicken for your recipe. Instead, place your chicken in the bowl and use your stand mixer paddles to shred the chicken quickly and perfectly. 

46. Goodbye Soggy Sandwiches 

Shred Chicken Quickly

Placing pieces of tomatoes and cucumbers between two pieces of paper towels or tissues will reduce the liquid content of vegetables and will keep your sandwiches from getting all soggy and soft. 

47. Make Perfect Pancakes 

Making perfect and circular pancakes is the dream of pancake lovers out there. So, to achieve the ideal circle shape every time, all you need is an empty plastic sauce bottle. Then, pour your pancake batter into the bottle and use it to squeeze out the pancake mix into perfect circular shapes. 

48. Waffle irons are not just for waffles

You can make omelets, eggs, and quesadillas in your waffle iron, along with waffles. First, grease the surface and pour the mixture to cover all the surfaces evenly. 

49. Do not discard pasta water

Next time you boil pasta, do not discard the water away. Instead, use a cup of it to add to your sauce. It will give your pasta sauce a silky texture. 

50. No More cake fails 

Do not lose your heart if your cake does not turn out as you think. You can change it to a different dessert with a few simple steps. For example, you can use broken pieces of cake to make trifles or make cake pops and serve them with other desserts like custards.

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