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Best Apps That Compare Food Delivery Prices

In Canada, food delivery apps have made it simpler to get takeout and many of your preferred restaurant dishes delivered right to your home without moving an inch. A food delivery driver will serve, package, and bring your food to your home with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Going with one food delivery service over another can occasionally save money, but apps that compare food delivery can be difficult to find.

Thank goodness, there are a few apps that can handle it for you. You can take benefit from apps that compare the food delivery prices, mainly the popular names are Eezly, FoodBoss, MealMe, TopMenu, these apps provide you with unlimited options so that you can always choose the least expensive one, for all of your favorite neighborhood eateries.

Best 4 Apps That Compare Food Delivery

How can you choose from a variety of online food delivery services? In this article, we’ll contrast the best apps that compare food delivery of other online delivery apps and restaurants such as Eezly, FoodBoss, and MealMe in great depth. What distinguishes Eezly, FoodBoss, MealMe, TopMenu from one another? Now let’s get into the specifics.



eezly is a start-up of food delivery services in Montreal. A platform, known as a meal delivery aggregator, an app that compares food delivery services in one location. It is comparable to having numerous meal delivery apps on one platform. The eezly meal delivery app, a food delivery service supplier platform in Montreal, provides an outstanding experience.

By using eezly over other food delivery services, you can compare the food delivery of different Montreal restaurants, ensuring that you get the best deal for your selected meal. With over a hundred restaurants to pick from before deciding on your delivery choice at the checkout, eezly is genuinely Montréalais. Try eezly for free today, to save time and money when you want to order food delivery.

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Now there is no need to worry about which restaurants to choose to get your food at your doorstep or which app does the cheapest food delivery near me!

  • Delivery time:  approximately 35 to 55 minutes
  • Delivery charges: Depending on your distance from the restaurant, there are different delivery rates. Moreover, based on the chosen delivery service, the delivery expenses, including taxes, can range from $2.50 to $7.
  • Availability: accessible in Montreal, Canada.


FoodBoss is the first search comparison tool for meal delivery services. Every food delivery order is first searched for and compared by various food delivery providers. It’s also one of the best apps that compare food delivery cost and time from different services like UberEats, Postmates,, order direct alternatives, and more.

When you enter your address on the FoodBoss website, a list of restaurants and the delivery services they partner with will appear along with an estimate of the entire cost (which includes delivery fees, surge pricing, service fees, and taxes) and the expected time of delivery. Then you may select the results based on the type of cuisine, the quickest delivery time, or the lowest total cost.

FoodBoss is the cheapest food delivery app in 2022, saving you up to 38% on delivery costs. Take advantage of the most affordable delivery or pickup options.

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  • Delivery time: Roughly 30-35 minutes 
  • Delivery charges: You can estimate service fees and the overall cost of your food delivery order with FoodBoss.
  • FoodBoss displays the entire cost of food delivery from any restaurant, based on the service. Here’s an illustration:
  • Availability: accessible in Canada.


MealMe was introduced in March 2021, and using it is also rather simple. It compares several food delivery services, including DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates, Caviar, Waitr,, and Eatstreet, hence getting the title of all-in-one food delivery app. According to co-founder Matt Bouchner, the business intends to release it later on Android and the web even though it’s only available right now on iOS. In almost every city in the US and Canada, MealMe is accessible.

In comparison to FoodBoss, MealMe’s app functions somewhat differently. After creating an account, the users first select a restaurant, then they have different delivery options available, cheapest, fastest, most reliable, but they don’t see which company is going to deliver the meal. There is a lack of transparency here which another food delivery service like eezly provides. 

Meilleures applications de livraison de nourriture au Canada

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The software merely tells you which delivery service will be the cheapest for you after comparing food delivery prices based on menu price inflation, delivery fees, service fees, and surge fees; it does not, however, provide an expected delivery time or estimated expenses. 

  • Delivery time: approximately 20 minutes per order.
  • Delivery charges: Depending on your distance from the restaurant, the delivery expenses, including taxes, can range from $6 to $7.99.
  • Availability: accessible in USA and Canada.

The Montreal-based company was founded in 1998 with the goal of increasing the awareness of local food producers and answering a common question: What can I eat in my region today?

With over 20 years of experience, Top Menu now provides an online solution that contributes to the development of the restaurant business while also offering consumers a delivery and take-out research tool. You may quickly select the greatest local meals from the largest selection of eateries with our new platform and mobile app. 

Best Takeout Food Restaurants Available in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Your order will be dispatched immediately and delivered as soon as feasible. This application, in particular, includes the widest restaurant choices in Canada and compares the pricing of various delivery alternatives, allowing you to obtain the greatest deal on your meal.

You only need to complete the following:

  • Enter your home address.
  • Select the restaurant that best suits your preferences.
  • Choose the most advantageous delivery method for you.
  • Choose the meal that pleases you
  • Confirm your purchase.
  • Have fun with your meals!
  • Delivery time: approximately 20-30 minutes per order.
  • Delivery charges: Depending on your distance from the restaurant, the delivery expenses, including taxes, can range from $6 to $7.99.
  • Availability: accessible in Canada.

Wrap Up:

When deciding on a food delivery service, consider the most popular food delivery apps in your area and whether they can deliver food from restaurants you enjoy eating at.

Which service you use may depend on what you intend to order. The meal delivery services eezly, FoodBoss, MealMe, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes are experts in food delivery services. These practical apps make ordering food a breeze. They are the solution to all of your cravings because they are quick, effective, and always available! Get started with these apps right away for a tasty treat that won’t break the bank.

That’s it for now. Here are the top 4 apps that compare food delivery services in Montreal, Canada. The comparison provided here should help you determine which food delivery service is right for you and which isn’t.

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