fr-Groceries-And-Save-Money Best Food Delivery Services in 2022: eezly vs. UberEats vs. DoorDash

Best Food Delivery Services in 2022: eezly vs. UberEats vs. DoorDash

You may order whatever you want to eat with the best meal delivery services by simply pressing a button. Burgers, pizza, sushi, and a meal from your favorite neighbourhood eatery may all be delivered straight to your house. Now, there is no need to eat in or even drive to get the food.

Food delivery services have grown in popularity in recent years, but never more so than during the pandemic when many people could not afford to eat out. Nothing can stop you from eating with just a single click of a button if you have the best food delivery services and are well-versed in the top meal delivery applications. 

This guide examines the food delivery apps that claim to send meals to you when you do not want or can not leave your sofa. These are the top meal delivery apps for iPhone and Android, as well as what each one offers.

Best food delivery services in 2022: eezly vs. UberEats vs. DoorDash

How do you pick one of the many online food delivery businesses available? We are going to compare eezly vs. UberEats vs. DoorDash in detail in this guide. What are the differences between eezly, Uber Eats, and DoorDash? Let’s dive into the details.

  1. eezly

Best Food delivery service in Montreal

eezly is an aggregator of food delivery services in Montreal. A meal delivery aggregator is a platform that brings together many food delivery providers into one place. It is the equivalent of having many food-delivery applications on one platform. This extraordinary service is provided by the eezly meal delivery app, which is a food delivery service aggregator platform in Montreal. 

Choosing eezly over any other food delivery service allows you to compare food delivery prices among several restaurants in Montreal, ensuring that you get the best value for your desired meal. Furthermore, eezly is truly Montréalais, with over a hundred restaurants from which to choose before selecting your delivery option at the checkout.

Delivery time: 35 to 55 minutes

Delivery fees: The delivery cost varies based on how far you are from the restaurant. The delivery fees, including taxes, often range from $2.50 to $7 depending on the chosen delivery service.

Availability: Only available in Montreal, Canada.

Minimum order: None

No extra charges except delivery feesOnly available in Montreal.
You can use eezly to compare food delivery services based on price, speed, and emissions.   
You may order from all of the different meal delivery partners using eezly with just one account.   

  1. Uber Eats

Best food delivery service overall

Users of Uber Eats may quickly find their favorite restaurant or learn about new restaurants in their area.

Users may then make an order for immediate or scheduled delivery and track it in real-time, exactly like they would if they were booking an Uber ride, with just a few clicks. You can pay with a credit card or Uber credits, and you can tip the person delivering your meal and provide instructions for contact-free food delivery all from within the app.

When it comes to food, Uber eats a large selection. You can filter your results by cuisine, delivery time, and delivery cost, among other criteria. Due to its popularity, Uber Eats has a large number of options. They have also introduced groceries, pharmacies, necessities, and alcohol alternatives in response to the pandemic.

Delivery Time: The time it takes for a delivery to arrive ranges from 15 minutes to more than an hour. It all depends on the restaurant’s vicinity, how busy it is, and how much traffic there is. The fact that you can filter by delivery time is a huge plus.

Delivery Fees: If you want to save money on delivery, here is the place to go. Unless it is a big order, you will not have to pay more than $3. That is why you will like Uber Eats’ assortment of low-cost delivery options, including free delivery with discounts.

Availability: Uber Eats is now available in over 6,000 cities in 45 countries and continues to expand. Visit or check the UberEats app to see if the service is available in your city. You can find out which restaurants are open right now.

Minimum order: Orders of less than $10 to $15 are subject to a $2 to $3 charge.

Subscription: UberEats Pass is a $9.99/month UberEats subscription. Eats Pass subscribers will not be charged a delivery fee on qualified delivery orders and will receive a percentage discount. All restaurants on UberEats in the United States and Canada are eligible for these incentives.

Cashless payment supportThey charge 15% – 30% commission to the restaurants
Uber Pass subscriptions are available on a monthly basis and save money on service expenses. 
Delivery tracking in real-time 

  1. DoorDash

One of the best food delivery apps with helpful recommendations

DoorDash offers a diverse menu of cuisines ranging from sushi to fast food, as well as easy ordering (including quick reordering of your favourites) and the ability to track your delivery, pick up your meal, or plan your deliveries at the most convenient times.

The app offers a “Yum Score” that ranks meal quality and how well a restaurant collaborates with DoorDash to get your food delivered swiftly – a helpful feature if you want your food delivered hot. Where local regulations allow, DoorDash now will enable you to order alcohol and mixers from nearby wine and liquor stores. A delivery directions box in DoorDash, like other top food delivery services, allows you to designate where you want your meal delivered for contact-free delivery. When it comes to cuisine, special offers, and delivery times, Doordash has a lot of options.

Delivery Time: Delivery time is determined by how busy the restaurant is, the distance to the delivery location, and traffic, as is the case with many other meal delivery apps. They do, however, include a delivery time filter and a section with a list of restaurants with the quickest delivery time based on your location.

Delivery Fees: The majority of deliveries cost $2.99 or less. Some restaurants provide free delivery for orders exceeding a specific amount, and others offer free delivery if it is your first order.

Availability: DoorDash is a delivery service that links people with their favorite local and national companies in over 4,000 cities across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Minimum order: None

Subscription: The monthly subscription costs $9.99, and you can cancel at any moment. On the DoorDash platform, customers can also place orders from hundreds of local eateries. You will be charged $96 per year plus all applicable taxes to obtain $0 delivery and cheaper service fees (fee subject to change) until you cancel.

For finding eateries, it’s a good recommenderThey charge 15% – 30% commission to the restaurants.  
Serves a variety of local and national restaurants 
DashPass subscriptions are available on a monthly basis and save money on service expenses.   

Bottom Line 

So, this is it for now. Here are the 3 best food delivery services in Montreal, Canada. We hope the comparison here will tell you which food delivery service is best for you and which is not. 

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