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Top 17 Cheap Food Places Near Me, Montreal

Let’s shed some light on some of the top cheap food places in Montreal. Montreal is one of the most visited cities in Canada. It is regarded as Canada’s second most populous city (after Toronto). Montreal has an enviable gastronomic offer that ranges from fast food trucks on the street to important luxury restaurants. It has a diverse culture due to immigration and has led to its diversified culinary offerings. Montreal’s gastronomic offer is not limited to French cuisine alone, in fact, the typical Montreal cuisine is not really related to French gastronomy. You will find restaurants and dining options for any taste on your trip to the city. 

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When you go on a leisure or business trip there, you may get hungry and have a need to relax and eat out. Having a good treat in one of the best restaurants in the city will be a real luxury for you, but what if you are on a low budget? In this post, we recommend you the best places to eat cheaply in Montreal, to recharge your batteries (or rather, put on a few pounds) when you’re in the city.

1. Pizzeria Bros Montreal

Who doesn’t love to eat a crispy and good pizza? This is one of the favorite cheap food places to get pizza in Montreal. You can order a custom-made pizza or order the default ones. They will do it right in front of you and it will be done in just 2-minutes. Their pizza is also very cheap. The dough costs $10 CAD and from there you add the ingredients that you want. In the end, you will get a perfect pizza for about $15. Without a doubt, this is one of the best options to eat cheaply in Montreal.

2. La Banquise (995 Rue  Rachel on the Plateau Mont-Royal)

A legendary restaurant where you can try one of the best dishes in Montreal. It was opened in 1968 and since then have never stopped to delight the palate of those who dine there. Although different dishes can be found on their menu, it’s one of the most popular places where you will find the best poutine in Montreal. 

Poutines are French fries with cheese and meat sauce. Poutine has earned the respect of the whole world (both tourists and locals) as a good meal. Over the years, variants of the traditional poutine have emerged. There are more than 30 different poutine varieties being offered on the restaurant menu. You will find varieties with additional ingredients such as bacon, pieces of sausage, onion, ground meat, mushrooms, or chicken. 

Though almost all restaurants and fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King also serve poutine in Montreal, the best can be gotten at La Banquise. They have several types, all of them looking spectacular. The best thing is that it is cheap and for $10 CAD, you will leave full because the portions are abundant. Take cash along while going because they do not accept any type of card. Also, don’t be surprised to have to queue for some minutes before being served because it is one of the cheap food places.

3. Schwartz’s Deli

We do talk about the most famous cheap food restaurant in Montreal being La Banquise. The people from the city claim that we are wrong, that the most famous restaurant is Schwartz’s Deli. Perhaps they are right! Both La Banquise and Schwartz’s are the most famous places to eat cheaply in Montreal, even though they serve completely different dishes. Here, you do not order for poutine, but the order for the delicious smoked meat sandwich. 

In the 1920s, Jewish immigrants brought the recipe for smoked meat to the city and since then smoked meat sandwiches have been associated with the local gastronomy of Montreal. The sandwich is a mixture of smoked meat with herbs and spices. The spectacular thing about it is that it can keep for up to 10 days without the use of any preservative. The meat can be accompanied by French fries, chunks of pickles, or coleslaw. Also, it is being said that the ideal drink to accompany this dish is cherry soda (or soda). A lot of people branch to Schwartz to buy the smoke meat and take it home.

The interior of Schwartz maintains an old style and it’s simple to navigate without a guide. If you visit it during the rush hour, you may have to queue outside before entering. Therefore, it’s recommended that you go at “odd” hours to avoid a long queue. When ordering, you can specify if you want the cuts of smoked meat with little or a lot of fat. To give you a price reference, a smoked meat sandwich costs about $10 CAD. Without a doubt, Schwartz is one of the best places to eat cheaply in Montreal. Other recommended restaurants to try this delicious sandwich are The Main (3864 Saint Laurent Boulevard), and  Reuben’s (1116 Sainte Catherine Ouest Street).

4. Five Guys

This is the best hamburger chain located at 698 Saint-Catherine Street in Montreal. If you’ve been to the United States, you might know the Five Guys. A few years ago, Five Guys who were brothers, opened a simple store in Washington and now have restaurants all over the world, of which Montreal is inclusive. Their burgers have won more awards than Messi. If a delicious hamburger made with 100% fresh ingredients is what you crave, the Five Guys burgers are perfect for you. When you are on a low budget, this burger is a great option to eat cheaply in Montreal. 

Regarding the price, you will have a hamburger with fries for about $15 CAD. Their burgers are spectacular, super tasty, and crispy. It is also one of the best options to eat cheaply in Montreal. 

5. L’Entrepot Mont-Royal

This is another restaurant located in Mont-Royal, perhaps the best area in ​​the city! They have the same location in Quebec (although with a different name). This restaurant is another of the best for cheap eats in Montreal. If you want good food at more than affordable prices, then this is perfect for you. They have a lot of food variety, from oriental dishes to pasta, salads, burgers, sandwiches, fried calamari, and pierogi. It is a paradise for those of us who want to eat cheaply! All dishes cost $5.95, and they are not gourmet dishes as you can imagine. Also, you will be quite surprised by how rich the meal is and the generous portion you will be served. Their beers cost 7 CAD. It is important to note that whatever time you go, surely you have to wait before being served but it’s relative budget-saving and richness is worth a queue.

6. Romados

In Montreal there are some pretty good Portuguese restaurants. If you like chicken, we highly recommend going to eat there. Their chicken is spectacular, grilled in the Portuguese style. According to locals, it’s the best in Montreal, although we haven’t tried them all! The service is super friendly and attentive (despite the queues that form). The whole chicken costs $13, super cheap and rich. You can eat there or if you sleep in an apartment, better take it with you since the place is not spacious.

7. Ma Poule Mouillée

If there are many people in La Banquise and you get sick of queuing (or even if there isn’t) you can try this delicious Portuguese restaurant. It is at the right next door to La Banquise. So if you want to eat cheaply in Montreal, you can’t miss this restaurant. They offer rich and abundant dishes, especially chicken accompanied by rice, potatoes, or salad for about $12 – 15. They also have poutine and sandwiches. Do not miss it!

8. Arepera

Don’t miss out on some good Arepas in Montreal! This Venezuelan restaurant has earned the charisma of an entire city and it is not for less. Eating their delicious dishes is a great way to eat cheaply in Montreal. It takes you to Caracas in a few minutes!

9. Brit & Chips

Good place if you feel like eating fish & chips. The quality is very good and the prices are cheap: a plate of fried fish and chips costs around $14 CAD. They also offer craft beers that, as of truth are very good, especially if it is a summer day.

10. Japote

If you like Japanese food, this is the perfect restaurant for you. In this place, the prices are very cheap, you can get gyudon, oyakodon, or curry for 6 CAD (the large bowl) and bentos for about $5 – 7 CAD. These dishes are perfect for taking away when the weather is good or if you want to eat at home or at the park!

11. Lola Rosa  Café

If you are vegan or you want to eat something green (not necessarily salad), this restaurant is the right for you. Its menu ranges from soups of the day to burger veg, curries or quesadillas, and sweets. The price of the main ones ranges from $10 – 15 CAD. Dessert prices are around $7 CAD.

12. Drogheria Fine

Another great option on a sunny day is to come here and buy the homemade gnocchi, as made by grandmother, with tomato sauce and a kg of parmesan. They cost $5 CAD and they are delicious!

13. Le Vieux Vélo

If you want to have brunch, this is one of the best places in Montreal to enjoy it. Brunch has been gaining prominence in Montreal and it is a meal between breakfast and lunch. It is generally various dishes between sweet and savory. We recommend the Benedict Eggs, with potatoes and salad for $12 CAD. Also, you will get hot and cold drinks for $2 – 4 CAD. Other restaurants that serve excellent brunches in Montreal are Foiegwa – 3001 Notre-Dame St W, Restaurant L’Avenue – 922 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, and Fabergé –  25 Fairmount Ouest Avenue, Clark Corner.

14. St-Viateur 

This is the best place to get bagels. Bagels are those famous bagel-shaped savory breads made from wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, and some bakers use something sweet like malt, sugar, or honey. New York and Montreal compete for the category of the city where the best bagel in the world is made. The bagels in Montreal are characterized by not having malt and salt but by being boiled in honey water before placing them in the traditional firewood ovens. Bagels are generally filled with just about anything like: Cheese, ham, Nutella, jam, and butter. The most famous filling is cream cheese and raw smoked salmon. Though you can get it in any supermarket, the best in the whole city and perhaps the world is found in Mile End specifically in artisan bakeries which are: 263 St-Viateur Ouest street and Fairmount (74 Fairmount Ouest Street). These restaurants are renowned for offering the freshest bagels, fresh from the oven at any time of the day. It is important to note that bakeries sell only the bagel, without filling.

15. Cabane à Sucre

This is not so much of a cheap choice but is certainly worth the stop. They are cabins or rural houses found in Quebec and around Montreal where products are made from the maple tree such as the famous “maple syrup”. Its origin dates back to the 19th century and today it remains a typical Quebec popular culture. Currently, the “cabane à sucre” is visited  to learn about the process of making “maple syrup” and eat it in the form of a lollipop. You can also taste typical Québec dishes that generally consist of grain soup, pig-based dishes, cheese-based dishes, desserts with the famous syrup. The Cabane à Sucre are open between March and April, which is the date on which the maple sap can be extracted. Some of the most recognized near Montreal are: Au Pied de Cochon (11382 rang de la Fresnière, St Benoit de Mirabel), Érablière Charbonneau (45 chemin du Sous-Bois, Mont Saint-Grégoire), and Sucrerie de la Montagne (300 Chemin St Georges, Rigaud).

16. Cheap Cafes in Montreal 

The consumption of coffee and hot drinks such as chocolate is very high in Montreal, especially in the winter months. For this reason, we find coffee chain stores like Starbucks or Tim Hortons on every corner. However, Montrealers prefer independent stores, where you can taste a better quality coffee and for the same price as a franchise coffee, which is around 4.5 CAD. For you to live an experience like the locals, we have prepared a list of cafes to visit: Olympic Cafe (124 St-Viateur Ouest street), Café Saint Henri (3632 Notre-Dame St W), Pista Cafe (500 Rue Beaubien E), Leaves coffee (2051 Rue de la Montagne).

17. Restaurants to Buy Cheap Desserts in Montreal

We selected four famous places in Montreal for their desserts: Kem-coba, which is probably the best place to get ice cream in the town. It’s located at 60 Avenue Fairmount O. Another place is Cocoa 70 located at 929 Mont-Royal avenue. They offer a different menu of desserts, chocolates, ice creams, and waffles. You can also visit Juliette and Chocolate Boutique (at 3600 boulevard Saint Laurent). They are dedicated to selling chocolate in all its forms. Lastly, we have the Point G Boutique (1266 Mont-Royal Est.), which is Montreal’s Best Macaroons.

We hope that this article has helped you to discover cheap food places in Montreal. If you like to order food through a delivery app, you can use the eezly app to do so. Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section below.

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