​​eezly, which officially launched in August 2021, was founded by Phil Dallaire with the purpose of making the world more efficient by redefining the status quo of online food delivery through its unique price comparison feature of food delivery companies. The new and innovative Montreal startup has the vision to help people, all around the world, have better control over their buying decisions, and their mission is to help people save time and money every time they order online. The eezly family, composed of eight incredibly talented people of five different nationalities, has already over one hundred partners integrated to its platform in the Montreal metropolitan area. Their adventure is just starting, and you can join them by downloading eezly on the App store or Google Play Store.

  1. Visit https://eezly.com/become-partner-choice/
  2. Choose your type of business
  3. Add your information
  4. Click on submit
  5. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to complete the registration.

eezly is currently available in Montreal and Laval. The vast majority of the offers are located in downtown Montreal and Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

keep more in your pockets

A fixed lump amount is charged on the total amount of the order.

Increase your visibility

Reach a new pool of customers instantly.

Increase your sales

Grow your business rapidly.

No activation fees

Becoming part of the eezly family is 100% free.

Free menu set up

Our team takes care of setting up your whole menu for you free of charge

Easy integration

Can eezly integrate to your tablet, computer or smartphone.

Here are six reasons why eezly is nothing like other food delivery companies.
  1. eezly doesn’t consider itself as a food delivery company but as a food delivery service aggregator and a strategic partner to food delivery companies.

  2. eezly allows users to compare different food delivery services by cheapest, fastest, and zero emissions.

  3. eezly save users time and money on every order.

  4. eezly allows users to only have one account to order from all the different food delivery partners.

  5. eezly allows users to benefit of transparent pricing as they can choose among different delivery services instead of only one.

  6. eezly supports the local economy by helping it partners keeping more in their pockets by charging a small commission fee.

Once the orders are sent to your system, you are responsible to deliver the orders to the customers.

Where do I see the order details ?

From the admin panel or on our eezly ally partners app.

How do I manage the orders ?

From the admin panel or on our eezly ally partners app.

Through the admin panel in the section promotions, you can create custom promotions for eezly users that will be displayed on the app.

How does eezly pay me?

We pay you by wire transfer once a week.

What are the payment methods for users ?

Users can pay with their credit or debit card. Apple Pay and Google Pay will be available shortly.

Which documents are required to become an eezly partner ?

  1. Proof of business registration
  2. Provide us your business information, such as address, logo, opening hours, phone number, etc. 

How much does it cost to join eezly?

Joining the eezly family is 100% free!

Is there a monthly fee to be an eezly partner ?

There are no monthly fees to be part of the eezly family.

Are there any setup fees to integrate with eezly ?

There are no setup fees to be part of the eezly family.

Depending on the complexity of the integration, it can take between one and three weeks.

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