You are currently viewing eezly: Montreal’s Best Food Tracker App 2022

eezly: Montreal’s Best Food Tracker App 2022

Food delivery apps are common means for getting food delivered in Montreal. However, concerns are rising about getting the order delivered at the expected time. This has led to the use of food tracking applications for tracking foods. Food tracking apps are programs designed for tracking ordered food throughout the entire delivery path. This post aims to guide you on using the best food tracker app 2022.

For clarity purposes, food tracking in this context is different from dietary food tracking. Though both have similar words, they are quite different. Dietary food tracking involves the use of apps to track the food taken by an individual to determine their alignment with a set dietary goal.

Conversely, food tracking in food delivery is an act of following up your food order while it is in transit with the delivery driver. Though many Canadian food delivery apps give the contact of the delivery person, tracking food via tracker apps is no match to calling on the phone.

Some top food delivery apps in Canada have a tracking feature. Such platforms allow you to monitor the status of your order with their features, like real-time GPS tracking and other features. Without further ado let us look into why you need to use a food trackers app.

What is the Best Food Tracker App 2022?

Most food delivery apps (especially food aggregator platforms) offer food tracking services. This means they offer real-time tracking of food ordered on their platform, apart from being a directory for restaurants.

You can use food delivery apps like the eezly food app (which is usually pronounced as easily food app) to track your food in Montreal, Canada. The ease in using eezly for tracking food is second to none.

Why You Need Food Tracker App 2022

It is often said that everything you don’t control can get out of your control. This statement holds when you fail to monitor the delivery of your food. Failure to track your food can cost you a lot of things. Some of the issues that may arise on failure to follow up on your food orders are highlighted below.

Issues That May Arise On Failure To Use Food Tracker App 2022

You May Be Tricked

You may get tricked by the restaurant or their delivery partners if you don’t track them. Imagine calling your restaurant to ask about the status of your order and getting no accurate answer on the delivery status. You may get excuses like, “He already left with your order”, or “He left more than an hour ago with 4 orders in his backpack; he should be near you.”

The way to get an honest, fact-based answer on your food delivery status is using the food trackers feature on your app. Thus, the importance of tracking your delivery person is identified.

You will have a real-time update on your food and the delivery person. You will also know the precise time to receive your food by tracking it. There could be an instance where the delivery person may suspend your delivery to cater to a customer who tipped him. Tracking the delivery may help you mitigate against it.

Loss of Time

One of the reasons for using Canada food delivery apps is to save time, apart from convenience. A delay in food delivery can leave you hungry and angry. Do you remember the statement, “A hungry man is an angry man?”

Also, you may get worried when you do not know about the cause of the delay in delivering your food. More so, a prolonged expectation of food delivery can get you distracted from the task you are busy doing. These and many more can waste your time and reduce your productivity.

You Will Be Unaware Of Unpleasant Incidence That Might Happen En Route

Possible tragic incidents such as accidents or loss of life may occur via the delivery route. There are several cases where the delivery person had an accident and got badly injured.  Using a food tracker app may give some hints about such an incidence; so you can show empathy with the delay.

Delivery Guys Won’t Work in the Best Way Possible

Ever heard that saying, “When you know you are being watched, your behavior automatically changes?” This is exactly what happens when you monitor the delivery person. A delivery man who knows he is being monitored will hardly deviate from the routes, or work for other customers in parallel.

He will never stop working for his personal commitment; to avoid compromising his work. The delivery guy will hence perform better. Delivery guys will have freedom for corrupt practices when not monitored.

Most food delivery apps in Montreal can solve all the problems mentioned above. This will help monitor the food delivery drivers.

Steps To Using eezly: MONTREAL’S Best Food Tracker App 2022


Application Installation

You need to install the eezly Montreal food app, to track your order. eezly food delivery app has tracker features, and it is both Android and iOS compatible. This means that you will get the app on Google Playstore or Apple iOS store.

You need to make a quick registration, once the application has been installed on your phone. Enter your details such as name, email, and phone number.

Turn on Geo-location Service

Now activate the permission for the application to use the location, then everything is set.

Tracking of Orders

Everything is set once you have registered on the food delivery app. You will be given a unique code to track your order once you order from any restaurant on eezly. The tracking number can be used on the eezly app alone.

As such, you can monitor your food orders and know the delivery status. You must activate GPS tracking on the app, so you to track the delivery person’s location on the map,

Hope this article has helped you discover the best food tracker app 2022. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments section.

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