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Food Places Near Me in Montreal

Food Places Near Me In Montreal For Some Mouth-watering Meals

Montréal’s reputation as a foodie city is because of its unquenchable desire for food. Poutine counters and smoked meat places are some of the city’s most iconic eateries. But the city’s most progressive chefs provide a wide range of options. You can enjoy rethought sushi to fast-casual fusions, that can be delivered right at your door.

You are probably looking for a restaurant in Montreal food near me. Consider this a handy list for food near me because there are far more restaurants to recommend in Montreal than we could possibly cover in this Montreal food guide. We have got a little bit of everything: high, low, new, old, and everything in between, so eat up and be brave.

Let’s have a look at some food delivery Montreal Restaurants.


Boustan’s Lebanese shawarma is outstanding. It is grilled pita with pork, beef, or chicken, beets, lettuce, eggplant, potatoes (yes, potatoes), peppers, and tomatoes, then slathered in your favorite sauce.

Their garlic potatoes are equally as excellent as their shawarma and pitas. Boustan is available on all food delivery apps and is open all hours of the day and night.


Look, we are in difficult circumstances, and no one will have that against you if you order ice cream from a takeout menu. Milkshakes, doughnuts, cheesecakes, ice cream, pastries, and vegan sweets are among the items available at La Diperie.


This is Montreal’s first authentic Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant. It sits half a block from the Palais des Congrès and merges the two cuisines into small plates bursting with color, texture, and flavor.

Tiradito, a spicy variation of sashimi with fiery Aji Amarillo chile, miso, and tamarind, and topped with crispy Peruvian grilled corn kernels, is just an excellent start. The deep-fried octopus anticucho, paired with a dark, salty-sweet sauce, and the grilled duck sandwich in a steamed bun are other must-orders. This restaurant also provides food delivery service to its customers.

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Mon Lapin

Mon Lapin, the latest restaurant food near me from the guys behind Joe Beef, is located in Little Italy (more on that later). While it is a little further away from its Little Burgundy forerunners in Little Italy, it nonetheless manages to be as good as its older siblings. The French-Italian menu varies frequently. But there are usually plenty of vegetable-focused meals to share, as well as some of Montreal’s best natural wines.

Bagels are a source of tremendous pride in this city. And it is difficult to find a local who is not rooting for New York over Montreal in the bagel argument. However, the city is divided into Fairmount and St-Viateur, which could be a more contentious separation.

While we prefer Fairmount, it is practically a crime to visit this city without trying at least one (but preferably several) of these sesame-seed-covered, somewhat sweet, doughy circles.

Uluwatu Cuisine

Uluwatu, Outremont’s newest restaurant, is definitely worth a (takeout) visit for delicious Indonesian food. It’s because that is not always easy to come across in the city. They have their own drivers ready to transport their exquisite concoctions. For example, the best on their menu is Soto Betawi, a soup made with diced beef short ribs and vegetables that originated in Jakarta.

Joe’s Panini

This eatery is open every day, 24 hours a day, so it should be on your late-night eezly radar. Especially, if you are craving mac & cheese, sandwiches, salads, lasagna, shepherd’s pie, and other delicacies.

Also, Joe’s Panini 24h has become well-known for its 25 traditional sandwiches. Joe’s serves a variety of hot dishes as well as salads in addition to their traditional paninis and sandwiches. Joe’s Panini-filled paninis are a must-try if you are looking for food near me.


It is little surprise that Elena, fast food near me, has remained one of the city’s most popular eating venues. Locals flock to the St-Henri meeting location for everything from a lunchtime hoagie and a beer on an easygoing rear terrace to a memorable night out. Where they can savor superb natural wines and flawless pasta and pizzas all in a magnificent dining room.


If you do not feel like cooking for breakfast or brunch, L’Avenue has a variety of delicious selections. This is a brunch restaurant with a line that wraps around the block. Moreover, waiting outside with your pals is half (well, maybe a quarter) of the enjoyment.

This punk-decorated eatery specializes in brunch, so expect some of the greatest eggs you have ever had. Two slices of crunchy Panko-dipped French toast, smoked ham, two poached eggs, Hollandaise, their famed home fries, and a side of maple syrup are all part of the salty-sweet Benedict. It is everything you have ever wanted in a sensory overload.


Since 1957, St-Viateur has been refining the Montreal-style bagel. And these iconic bagels are just as delicious when you order them online or buy them in-store. Bagels are created by hand (in small quantities) and dipped in honey-sweetened water before baking in a wood-fired oven.

They are also more dense and chewy because of the wider holes. Montrealers enjoy their breakfasts, and the cafe is frequently booming with people sipping coffee and lingering.


Uniburgers are made with a proprietary blend of genuine AAA Canadian beef. And that is always fresh, never frozen, and prepared fresh every day. Uniburger is difficult to beat when you are craving a burger.

Uniburger serves traditional burgers, cheeseburgers, and uniburgers, as well as trios (which include fries and a drink), fries, drinks (including a milkshake), and a variety of extras. Everything is affordable, especially considering the high quality of the products. The house’s milkshakes are fantastic and crafted with Bilboquet ice cream, making them among Montreal’s best food near me.

Bottom line 

When it comes to food near me, Montreal has a thriving culinary scene, and with the outbreak of the epidemic, the majority of restaurants have switched to food delivery. All the restaurants mentioned above can deliver your favorite meal right at your doorstep and all you have to do is to use any food delivery app like eezly, Uber Eats, or DoorDash to place the order. 

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