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4 More Takeout Hacks To Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

You get home from work after a total disaster of a day. After flopping down on the couch and taking a deep breath, it hits: you’re starving, and cooking is just not on the agenda for the evening. Delivery it is. It’ll blow your diet for the week, but tonight you just don’t care. Perhaps this is why Canadians are spending less time in the kitchen. Perusing the internet, maybe you can order takeout that won’t go too much against your diet.

Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Focus on the Vegetables

With delivery available from almost every restaurant, it’s easy to find vegetable-forward meals and sides. Try ordering a side salad and eating that first. Selecting lean meats instead of beef and pork will help offset the takeout calories. WeightWatchers’ weight loss programs find mixing your favorite foods with healthy sides and serving options actually makes dieting feel rewarding. You get the dish you love with healthy options that won’t tank your diet. Ordering from places that are healthy food oriented with high-quality ingredients may cost a bit more, but will be well worth it.


Lots of restaurants offer substitutions for take-out now. Some of the best are brown rice for white rice (a significant increase in fiber), tofu or chicken for beef, and steamed vegetables or fruit for fries, and grilled or broiled options for fried foods. Consider ditching the Pepsi or other soda that comes with the meal for sparkling water or unsweetened tea. Soda has sugar or artificial sweeteners that aren’t good for you. Replace pasta with vegetable-based noodles that have more vitamins and no gluten. Substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream eliminates fat and increases protein as well.

Meal Prep Services

Meal prep services send fresh ingredients that you cook. You don’t have to worry about making sure the parts are available in your area, and the portions and measuring are done for you. In our article published August 2nd, we list the best food delivery services for weight loss. Keep your dietary requirements in mind when choosing a service. There are several that cater to diabetes, gluten free, and completely plant-based meals. All you provide is the stove and the plates.

Watch the Sauce

Sauces often contain sugar and oils that pack in calories. Ask to have sauce or dressing on the side or leave it off entirely. Replace catsup with malt vinegar to eliminate the extra sugar. If you must have dressing on a salad, instead of Ranch or cheese-based dressing, try a vinaigrette made with healthy oil. Adding dry spices to the salad or flavorful herbs can take the place of dressing altogether. If you are eating pasta, offset the calories in the sauce by switching to vegetable-based noodles like spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles. They taste better too.

Eating out doesn’t have to clash with your weight loss goals. Keeping healthy options in mind while you put delivered food on the table gives you the freedom to enjoy that well-earned evening out of the kitchen and enjoying a little downtime.

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