You are currently viewing eezly Food Delivery App: The Best Food Delivery Service in Montreal

eezly Food Delivery App: The Best Food Delivery Service in Montreal

Montreal is a city for foodies. Montreal is considered the gastronomic capital of Canada with the highest number of restaurants (almost 6000) per citizen in the country and the second-largest in North America.

For over four centuries, Quebec, the French-speaking region of Canada to which Montreal belongs is been internationally referred to as a food paradise, offering several options that delight every food lover. Montreal hosts a lot of food festivals such as Taste Montreal, MTLaTable, Happy November, and Montreal en Lumiere.

Best traditional Québécois cuisine in Montréal

In other words, there are lots of restaurant options that will allow you to capture the essence of the city. Also, there are thousands of amazing dishes lists with exceptional tastes that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. With the incorporation of many non-Quebec-based foods from different parts of the world, more dishes have become part of Montreal’s local dishes. In this way, diners have several flavors to savor.

Eating in restaurants during a trip to Montreal is one of the ways to explore its different culinary experiences. Regardless of your location in Montreal, or your social class, it is always possible to find a perfect restaurant near you.

However, the high pace of life and tight schedules is forcing many people to reduce the time spent on visiting restaurants for dining. One of such instances is when you need to eat but you’re solving some things at work and don’t have much time to go to a restaurant. Also, however, some people feel lazy to leave the comfort of their homes. At such moments, nothing is better than having a reliable app to order food without leaving the couch.

How does Food Delivery in Montreal Work?

Delivery by definition means to deliver or distribute. The term also applies to food delivery. This means distributing ready-to-eat food to buyers at their described location. Food delivery in Montreal is not different from other places and it takes different forms.

Some restaurants directly offer food delivery services by themselves, by creating a virtual restaurant platform that offers the same services as it would be in a physical restaurant. Through this, restaurants are taking advantage of the trend, to be able to reach their customers, including those who show resistance to visiting the brick-and-mortar locations.

However, some restaurants have partnered with some third-party apps like the eezly Montreal local food delivery app. These apps have developed technologies that make it possible for meal buyers to order through a directory of restaurants from a single interface. It has never been so easy and safe to buy food via an app. In addition to the safety, comfort, and convenience that you will enjoy, it is possible to order from anywhere at any time.

eezly App Features that Make a Really Great Local Delivery App

Some of these apps have a geolocation feature that narrows down your results to your location. Searching the term, “food delivery near me” on the internet will give you a lot of those options. Food delivery apps often charge delivery fees that varies based on the price of the order and the distance from the restaurant to you.

On some apps, the delivery fee can be free depending on what is ordered. Some applications like eezly have the GPS location feature that allows you to search for a meal at a nearby restaurant, to reduce the cost of delivery. Some of the delivery apps allow you to track the delivery person on a map in real-time, to know when your food will arrive!

While considering using any food delivery app in Montreal, you must choose one that offers you a near-to-counter-view experience as though you dine-in in a restaurant. There is a phrase that says, “come and see with your eyes”. Everyone who buys food online wants to have a good view of how the dishes look before buying. Online food shoppers demand that the food be presentable, such that the images presented in apps sharpen the desire to order it.

Another concern for online meal buyers is that the dishes delivered to them should be as shown and described in the menu, without any difference. Also, the possibility of assessing the entire food ordering and delivery process for the menu ordered is important.

Types of Food Delivery Apps in Montreal

There are various types of food delivery apps. Most apps provide quick, online access to menus and discounts, offer convenient payment options, and feature real-time delivery tracking. However, application models such as aggregators, new delivery applications, and full-stack applications apply to different purposes.

The aggregator apps solve the problem of not having the resources needed to gather the chosen restaurants and allow you to compare the offers. In the aggregator apps like eezly, you can access a portal and order from your favorite restaurants, receiving your favorite dishes. The restaurant is also responsible for delivering the food. The app owner only provides order processing; the restaurant is responsible for cooking and delivery.

The new delivery apps, unlike aggregators, are responsible for distributing food, in addition to helping the restaurant manage orders. The orders reach the administrator who distributes them among the delivery people and sends an order to the restaurant kitchen to prepare the dish. These delivery apps are used to promote a new restaurant and restaurants that have no delivery fees.

A full-stack delivery services handle the entire process from cooking to receiving payment. These services are usually divided into three interconnected applications: one for the courier, one for the restaurant, and one for the consumer. This project helps meet the needs of all parties.

At the beginning of the process, the order automatically passes from the customer to the restaurant. The manager is notified of the new order and the kitchen can start cooking right away. When the meal is ready, the restaurant makes sure the order is visible to delivery people waiting nearby. The courier chooses what to deliver and finally ends the cycle by arriving at your door.

eezly Montreal Food Delivery App, Is It the Best To Use?

There are hundreds of food delivery apps for ordering foods in Montreal, from multinational food delivery companies like UberEats to local companies like eezly Montreal Food Delivery App. Many people prefer to go for the major food delivery players but they are unaware that using them is not relatively pocket-friendly, especially for someone who is ordering food on a budget.

Going for local food delivery applications in place of multinational food delivery apps is way more cost-effective than using multinational food delivery services. This is because their delivery fee is less expensive. One of the best local food delivery services in Montreal is the eezly Montreal food delivery app.

Benefits of using eezly Montreal food delivery app

It saves delivery fees: As said earlier using multinational food delivery companies such as UberEats and the likes can be very expensive. Some of these companies sometimes hide the delivery cost and automatically add it to your menu prices such that you will not be aware of the high fees they charge in delivering meals to you.

In some cases, the delivery cost of the popular apps is near to the cost of the meal you are ordering itself. However, you have an option of going for a local food delivery app like eezly that allows you to pay a cheaper fee for delivery. Moreover, using an aggregator like the eezly Montreal food delivery app is beneficial because it gives you the chance of harnessing the geolocation feature to order a menu from a nearby restaurant, to beat down the cost of shipping.

It allows you to take advantage of promotional offers such as discounts, coupons, etc. Who wouldn’t want discounts or coupons? Some restaurants offer free delivery for the first order of their menu through a third-party app as a means of marketing. Some offer discount codes or coupons to reduce the ordering cost for their customers. Using a local food delivery aggregator app allows you to never miss out on these kinds of offers.

It allows you to compare the prices of menus across various restaurants so that you can make informed decisions to get the best offer. Some restaurants charge a lower fee for the same menu when compared to others. Imagine if you are paying a high fee for the same menu, with the same taste quality and quantity of ingredients.

Actually, we don’t compare menus from a different restaurant, we compare food delivery prices from our partners for this specific meal from this specific restaurant. Therefore, using eezly offers you the advantage.

It allows you to check, compare, and take advantage of the delivery time frame of each restaurant. Nobody would want to wait for several hours before getting his or her meal especially when hunger is hitting you so hard. The main reason why you order food online is to get food as fast as possible so that you don’t stay angry. Therefore, using a food delivery app with an aggregator feature allows you to order menus from restaurants that are relatively fast to deliver.

Also, eezly allows you to track your order and estimated time to get your food at your doorstep. In addition to that, the ratings and reviews dropped by previous customers can be used to judge how fast the delivery of a particular menu would be.

Convenience: Ordering food online through the eezly app makes the process easier for you, as you don’t have to travel or wait in long lines (and wait to be served, even over the phone). You can simply browse the menu where ever you are, compare, order, and receive the food they’ve chosen without moving an inch.

The geolocation feature is one of the unique features that not every food delivery apps offer. This feature is beneficial to tourists that do not know much about Montreal’s geography. If you are in the Montreal Downtown area, it may be wise to order menus from restaurants within the area. This is because the proximity of the delivery destination could influence the fee. Therefore, a geolocation feature on the eezly Montreal food delivery app will help you narrow down your menu search to nearby restaurants so that you can pay little or no delivery cost.

In addition to the above benefits, you can easily get information on the opening hours of each restaurant, their delivery coverage area, estimated delivery time, and the payment methods that the restaurant accepts.

Where to get the eezly Montreal food delivery app

Using the eezly app is simple as using any other app. You need to download and install the application on either Google Play Store or iOS store. You then need to register and enter your address (or activate a feature called geolocation) to view the restaurants that deliver in the region where you locate and order for delivery. That is also called a food delivery near me feature.

The app sends the order detail to the respective delivery company and restaurant who forward the order status. The payment is processed directly on eezly.

In conclusion, we hope this article has taught you how food delivery works in Montreal, and some hacks to save costs and time. Have you used the eezly Montreal food delivery app before? If yes, you can share your experience using it in the comments section below. If you haven’t installed eezly by now, you can do that using these links to download on both Android and iOS devices.

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