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Montreal Food Delivery: A 2022 Definitive Guide To Ordering Food Online In Montreal

Montreal is referred to as the city with the largest number of restaurants per capita in North America, offering a seemingly endless list of neighbourhood restaurants and cafés. Restaurants in Montreal offer unique dining experiences for all tastes throughout the year.

Even though everyone wants food, not everyone can cook good food at home. Also, some people do not have the time to go out, wait in a long queue, and dine in a restaurant. However, there are many online food ordering apps where anyone can order their favorite food, so you may not need to cook or go out to get good food. 

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Therefore, Montreal food delivery companies deserve special thanks as they play important role in delivering your favorite food to your doorstep. These apps offer a variety of benefits not only to consumers but also to restaurants. All you have to do is to download the food delivery app of your choice, select your favorite food, and place an order. Before you place a food order online, we recommend that you read the New 30 hacks on how you can order food online regularly without hurting your budget.

The Impact Of The Corona Pandemic On The Use Of Food Delivery Services In Montreal

The Corona crisis has put the Montreal food delivery services at the center of the stage and turned them into an oxygen pipeline for food businesses across the country, from fast-food chains to upscale restaurants. The full closure imposed on best restaurants in Montreal during the pandemic forced restaurants that did not want to lose their revenue to re-invent themselves through deliveries. The main beneficiaries were the large fast-food players who already operated an independent and local delivery system, which sometimes relieved them of the need to pay high commissions to some delivery companies.

Corona has increased not only increased the reliance of restaurants on food delivery services but also the online order of foods. Before the coronavirus, Montreal food delivery services were mostly used by fancy and busy diners. It’s now being used by a lot of diners in this post-pandemic era. After the Corona pandemic, the demand for online orders for food has surged. A lot of diners are now ordering food by phone or pick-up at home. 

Advantages Of Using Montreal Food Delivery Services

Diners benefit from many things by ordering food online. Nowadays, people are choosing mobile app development companies for food ordering because it is the easiest way to order their favorite food. Food delivery apps are beneficial to diners in several ways, which are listed below.

• Convenience

Food delivery was not an option that the average diners quite like at first, because they like to be in control of the food that they order, and see it before being sent from the restaurant to their homes. However, the usage of food delivery services has gained traction due to the convenience it offers.

Until a few years ago, diners had to frequently go to the food restaurants to make a long and tedious queue before dining in or ordering takeout back home. This is to some people an inconvenient, exhausting, and time-consuming approach. This problem has been solved now that many food restaurants have put out an option for deliveries. Several third-party food delivery services are in partnership with restaurants for food delivery. All you have to do is to fill out an order online, submit it, and your food will arrive at you. 

• Safety

Safety is what everyone now considers a priority, especially after the pandemic. Although most restaurants in Montreal have Covid-19 protocol in place for people that dine in their locations, some people are now being careful of visiting restaurants. This has in turn increased the diner’s order for food. 

• Allows Geolocation Search To Locate a Nearby Restaurant.

Some food delivery services have a geo-location search feature that allows users to search meals and get results based on the restaurant’s proximity. This can also be called a restaurant near me feature. This can be helpful, especially for a tourist that will like to locate a restaurant nearby for fast delivery in the shortest time.

• Helps to Check Previous Customers Experience.

Social proof can be a good indicator of knowing if you should order from a particular restaurant. Most food delivery services have incorporated a review system for each menu displayed in their application, such that past customers drop their reviews on the dishes. This is helpful because you will have a hint of what the food will taste like and how people enjoyed it before placing your order. 

• Saves Time And Allow Flexibility For Busy Diners.

Online delivery services help to save time and allow a flexible daily life for busy diners. Some food delivery services offer diners the benefits of tracking their food orders in real-time. Some services will give you the phone number of the dispatcher. This will help you to know when the food will be delivered. 

Some Issues Experienced While Using Some Food Delivery Services

The issue of food delivery has for long existed. In general, food delivery service is good and usually has no shortcoming. However, many customers encounter some serious problems and failures in using some food delivery services. Some of the issues are mentioned below. We recommend that you should read our post on what you need to know before trying a food delivery service in Montreal to avoid experiencing these issues. We also have a post on the best food delivery services that you can try in Montreal. 

• Issue of too early arrival time

While receiving food earlier before the agreed arrival window is good, it can sometimes be a failure and not a bonus. If you are at home when the food arrives, nothing terrible happens. However, if you are not at home – the food will be placed at the front door of your house, waiting for you for as long it takes for you to reach home. 

• Issue of Delayed Delivery

Most delivery companies offer a fairly reasonable food arrival time usually between 45 minutes to an hour. However, many food delivery services take the promised arrival window as a recommendation and not as a promise. The delay may be due to the restaurant from which the food is being prepared if they do not have the menu ready as at when you ordered, but how should that be a concern for a customer? Also, a delay may be due to a logistic issue from the end of the delivery service. A quick delivery time will save you the urge of expecting food while you stay hungry.

The problem here is that foods that need cooling will start to heat up and spoil, ice bags will start to drip into the food packaging. Also, a stranger may take your food from the door, and if you live in a private house, you will have to share the current order with the neighbourhood cats, who will come to peek, sniff, and try to crack the packages.

• Reduction or deviation in the quality of the food that is being delivered to what was shown online.

Everyone wants their food order to come at a high quality and normal level. The food has to be prepared with the best ingredients and remain fresh. Some restaurants do not use all the complete ingredients needed to prepare the food. You can avoid this by checking the reviews of other customers before placing an informed order.

• The conditions under which the food is found during delivery

Some foods need to be refrigerated in the restaurant and cooled with glaciers to avoid deterioration. However, the issue of food and refrigeration conditions is controversial. If the food arrives at the time window set with you – it’s reasonable. Since some food delivery services do not respect the order window that is set with customers, this is a little more problematic. If the food came after or before and you are not at home – the food sits outside the door without refrigeration, and it starts to spoil.

• Delivery integrity – things that are not requested or missing

In some orders, one or two things may be missing if you place multiple orders. This happened mostly during holidays or weekends when restaurants have to meet higher demands from customers. The missing orders may be sent to you at an extra cost. 

• High Delivery Service Fee

You need to keep in mind that you are going to make payments for two things when using a food delivery service; one, for food, and the other is that you have to pay for the delivery. The delivery fee of multinational delivery companies like UberEat, Door Dash, and the likes is usually too high. You can save the cost by using local delivery companies like eezly. You can read this post for a list of the best local food delivery and food ordering service in Montreal.

• Minimum order

Some companies set a minimum order before they can deliver food to you. A Montreal food delivery service like eezly has no MOQ. 

Some Of The Popular Montreal Foods That You Can Buy When Ordering Food Online

• Quebec Cheeses

Quebec Cheeses montreal food delivery | eezly

One of the culinary tensions of the visit to Quebec is the chance to taste many of Quebec’s craft cheeses that are not available outside the province. This is because the Quebec cheese producers are small in number and they do not export much of it.  There are hundreds of varieties of Quebec cheese, including raw milk cheese that is less than 60 days old, and which people claim to be more flavorful and healthy.

• Maple Syrup Recipes

Maple Syrup | eezly

Maple syrup production is a source of spring in Canada and draws thousands of people to sugar huts in Quebec to see how it is made and taste the sweet sticky herbs. Quebec City and Montreal have shops dedicated to potato syrup and potato products and restaurants. It contains a maple syrup-inspired menu, especially in early spring when the syrup begins to flow.

• Pea soup

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Pea soup, thick and hearty made with a ham hockey stick, is a winter favorite. This soup is traditionally made with yellow split peas, pickles, herbs, and gravy.

• Chinese Pie

Chinese pie | eezly

Paté Chinois (pe-tay shi- nwa) is very much like a shepherd’s pie: beef and onions layered with corn and topped with mashed potatoes. Despite its translation, “Chinese pie”, paté chinois is not a Chinese dish, but probably a dish for Chinese railroad workers who used cheap ingredients during the construction of the North American railroads in the late 19th century.

• Poutine

poutine | eezly

This delicious but pristine cuisine has its origins in Quebec. Poutine (poo- toe) is the counter-intuitive combination of fries, sauce, and cheese mixes. Quebec restaurants – even gourmets – will serve poutine with all sorts of ingredients, from tomatoes to foie gras. Cuisines to order when using a food delivery app in Montreal, Fast food places and dinners serve poutine across Canada, especially for late nights, but poutine is the most common and is the best in Quebec.

• Tarte au Sucre

tarte au sucre | eezly

Sugarpie (French: Tarte au Sucre, pronounced as “tart-o-su-cra”) is a bit like a pecan pie without the pecans or a butter pie. This sweet, simple dessert is also popular in New England, Belgium, and France, but is hard to find in Canadian provinces other than Quebec. Sugarpie is essentially what it sounds like: sugar or maple sugar, butter or cream, flour and vanilla in a pie crust. 


tourtiere | eezly

Tortiere (tor-tee-air) is a traditional Quebec meat pie that is especially popular in the winter months. You will see this item on menus at sugar cages during the maple syrup season, as well as traditional French-Canadian restaurants. Alternatively, you can always try to make it yourself.

Fèves au Lard

feves au larde | eezly

Baked beans, or fèves au lard, pronounced “fev-o- lar”, are part of the traditional Quebec cuisine. Like creton, feves au lard is a popular breakfast dish as it is historically eaten by trappers due to its high amounts of fat and protein for energy to start the workday. In Quebec, Fèves Au Lard is often administered with maple syrup.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best food delivery service in Montreal, we recommend that you use eezly. This is because it offers a benefit of comparing deals across different food delivery companies in Montreal, so that you can make an informed decision before making your decision. Another benefit of using eezly is the cheap delivery costs of its food delivery partners. Also, their customer support service is top-notch. If you have any questions or would like to add something to this list, kindly let us know in the comment section below. 

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