fr-Groceries-And-Save-Money How To Get Free Food Delivery Near Me in Montreal?

How To Get Free Food Delivery Near Me in Montreal?

Paying for delivery is one of the concerns of many food shoppers because of the extra expense it incurs. Most food shoppers are often forced to reduce the quantity of food they order online because of the high delivery fee. Free food delivery is a way to save some fees and avoid such scenarios. The extra $2 – $3 that you spend on delivery may be used to order some extra meals to savor your taste and satisfy yourself.

Searching for free food delivery near me is your best option when you are broke and don’t have enough money to pay for delivery. Some persons may see the evading of delivery fees as being petty. However, it is usually helpful in hard times. More so, I love free stuff because it helps me spend my money on other things.

Getting real free food delivery services can be a difficult thing. The reason is that most restaurants do not provide free delivery for their menu. Some restaurants entice many food shoppers with free delivery adverts but secretly include the fee in the cost of the menu. That could be a deception to you but most restaurants see it as a marketing strategy.

This post was aimed at helping know about some free food delivery services in Montreal. Being someone who loves free stuff, I am providing you with a list of restaurants with free delivery options. This post will also help you to learn how to get free food from restaurants.

5 Tips for Getting Free Food When You Are Broke

If you are so hungry and have no money to order any menu for delivery, we have got you covered. Here are five tips to get free food from restaurants when you are broke.

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1. Use Your Favorite Restaurant or Food Delivery App

Some apps offer free foods to their new app users. You must install your favorite food delivery or restaurant apps to get some free foods. The best thing is that it does not cost you anything to install the apps. If you do not have sufficient space on your phone, you can uninstall some apps to create enough memory. My favorite Montreal food delivery app is eezly.

eezly knows how to treat their customers. We are using eezly as an example because they are my favorite food delivery app. Always scan your eezly app for rewards.

More so, some restaurants will reward you if you visit their new branch that you have never been to before. You may get an email or a notification in your app, telling you to look at your app with your reward. Normally the reward comes with a note from the manager telling you some messages like, “Thanks for coming to my location, I hope you enjoyed our services. We are rewarding you with a free chicken sandwich.”

2. Signing Up for Companies’ Email Lists

You can sign up for a company’s email lists on their website to get free foods. You don’t have to give them your current email address, you can create one for the purpose. You can use a junk email account. Your junk email address can be used to receive deals, rewards, freebies, and other stuff. Your regular email is not bored with a bunch of junk mail by doing this. Also, you will be able to find your freebies this way.

3. Another Tip to Receive Free Food Delivery Is by Filling Up a Survey Under a Receipt That You Received from A Restaurant

A lot of restaurants seek your feedback on what you think about their services. Many of these restaurants offer to reward you with free foods for filling out the survey. You need to purchase to receive this.

After filling out the survey, you will get some things for free. It is usually stuff like cheeses burgers or burgers and fries. A lot of restaurants offer free food for filling surveys. Make sure you pay attention to those surveys.

“This restaurant always has a survey at the bottom of their receipt every time I purchase with them. Also, there are offers such as buy coffee and we’ll give you a little doughnut.”

Pro tip: If you do not want to spend a dime to get it, pay attention to the receipt left behind by other customers. You can fill out their survey and get something free. Sometimes you don’t have to make a purchase to get free food. You can walk up to someone with a receipt requesting their receipt. Just be bold and confident.

Pro tip:If you do not want to spend a dime to get it, pay attention to the receipt left behind by other customers. You can fill out their survey and get something free. Sometimes you don’t have to make a purchase to get free food. You can walk up to someone with a receipt requesting their receipt. Just be bold and confident.

4. Take Advantage of Coupons

“Coupons are my best friend, they often get me free food from the restaurants”. You can make use of digital coupons to get free foods without any purchase. Some restaurants offer to double the value of your coupon when placing an order. You can take advantage of it to order free foods.

5. Mystery Shopping

Secret shopping is a great way to get free food from different restaurants. You will get your money back fast even if you spend it while doing the shopping. For example, you can do a mystery dinner shopping at a restaurant with the whole of your family. This is applicable as long as it is within the guideline of secret shopping. Pay attention because they sometimes put a limit on the number of people you can have at your secret shop. It is good if you are doing secret shopping with two or three people and getting some free food.


Restaurants Offering Free Noodles and Sushi Delivery in Montreal

1. Station Pho

If you are looking for fast food delivery near me in Montreal, Station Pho is your best plug. This restaurant offers free food delivery services for their noodles and sushi. Another awesome thing about Station Pho is the generous portion they serve.

Apart from noodles, you can order other menus like soup toiknouse beef, General Tso’s chicken, salade de boeuf, sandwich vietnamienne, etc.

“Good chicken Pho with fresh products and fair price! The only downside is that the quantity of noodles is huge compared to meat and vegetables. Same comment for the chicken Thai soup. Both soups came very hot and with utensils. I would add that their client service is 5 stars. My wife is pregnant and I asked for no spice in the soup and they took the time to call me to ask about my order and confirm if it was okay to have spice in the Thai Soup. They read my comments when I put my order. Kudos to the team. I recommend!” – Christophe Fadaina.

Address: 327 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, QC H7M 1Y7, Canada
Opening Time: Monday – Saturday 11 am–9 pm, Sunday 3–9 pm
Phone Number: +1 450-901-0399

2. Wow Sushi Restaurant

Wow Sushi Restaurant combines the best of Asian cuisine like sushi in Montreal. Wow Sushi offers other menus including Chef’s Choice Platter, Super 6 Bento Box, Super 4 Combo Sushi, Fried Rice, Chow Mein, Pad Thai, and more.

“Super fresh and delicious sushi! Strongly recommend” – Kunbuzo
Address: 50 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2W 1C6, Canada
Opening Time: Sunday – Saturday 5–10:30 pm, Tuesday – closed.
Phone: +1 514-282-8088

3. Planet Sushi Zanga

“Tasted fresh with good taste! Pretty nice for a delivery place” – George
If you want to taste fresh sushi, Sushi Zanga is a planet to explore. As the name suggests, it is one of the best places to order sushi for delivery in Montreal. The best thing is that you can get your sushi delivered without paying a dime for delivery.

Address: 6238 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3C2, Canada
Opening Hours: Sunday 2–10 pm, Monday to Thursday 11 am–10 pm, Friday 11 am–10:30 pm, Saturday 12:30–10 pm
Phone: +1 514-225-3333

4. Hakari Sushi

“Fresh tasting sushi at great prices. Service was alright, servers were not willing to provide tap water. However, the food quality compensated.” – Daniel

This is another option to get the best sushi delivery in Montreal. You may also order other menus like spring rolls, wanton soup, combo b&c, etc.

Address: 155 Boulevard des Laurentides, Laval, Quebec H7G 2T5, Canada
Opening Hours: Sunday 12–9 pm, Monday Closed, Tuesday 10:30 am–9pmThursday to Saturday 10:30 am–9 pm
Phone: +1 450-933-5688

5. Koi Noodles Bar

Koi Noodles Bar is one of the best places to get free noodles delivery in Montreal. You can order for other dishes like Ramen Miso spicy, Tonkotsu RamenTonkotsu Ramen, Spicy Miso, Fried Chicken and Gyoza

Address: 1775 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, QC H7S 1N2, Canada
Opening Hours: Sunday – Saturday 11:30 am–9 pm
Phone: +1 450-682-5335

6. Yuzu Sushi

Yuzu Sushi is a great place to order some sushi online without having to pay for delivery. Therefore, you should try it out when you want to save delivery fees.

Address: 1446 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1J5, Canada
Opening Hours: Sunday 11am – 6pm, Tuesday – Friday 11am–7pm, Saturday 11am–6pm
Phone: +1 514-284-0400

Other Restaurants Offering Free Food Delivery Near Me in Montreal

7. Chef On Call

This is a perfect spot to order homestyle foods for delivery. Some of their menus are salad, poutine, burger, sandwiches, wraps, and pate.
“This place is perfect for students, the food is amazing, you can get free deliveries and it’s open until 4. Couldn’t ask for more”

Address: 3430 Park Ave, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2H5, Canada
Opening Hours: Sunday – Saturday 11 AM – 2 AM
Phone: +1 514-844-2044

8. Shawarma Habibi

If you want to order sharwama for delivery in Montreal, this Lebanese restaurant is the perfect place. Sharwama Habibi offers different menus including beef shawarma plate, chicken shawarma, beef shawarma sandwich, kafta kebab, and a lot more.

914 St Catherine St E, Montreal, Quebec H2L 2E5, Canada
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11 am–1:30 am, Friday to Sunday 11 am–5 am
+1 514-379-6776

9. Cabana Restaurant

“Small cute place. Friendly staff. Food is amazing! Large portions are enough to fill you up. Cheap prices. Worth the visit!” – Wale.
If you are in to order Latin foods for free delivery Cubana is the perfect spot for you. You may not want to miss out on their other popular menus like ceviche, burritos, vegetarian pupusas, steak, tacos carnitas, etc.

Address: 1453 Rue Bélanger, Montréal, QC H2G 1A5, Canada
Opening Hours: Sunday to Saturday 10am–9pm
Phone: +1 514-725-7208

10. Souvlaki Bar Express (Gare Centrale)

Souvlaki specializes in offering only delivery and takeaway options as they don’t offer a dine-in option. You can try out other dishes on their menus like Chicken Gyro.

Address: 895 Rue De La Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC H3B 2M9, Canada
Phone: +1 514-903-0955
Montréal, QC H3B 2M9, Canada
Sunday Closed, Monday to Friday 11 am–7 pm, Saturday Closed

In conclusion, I hope that this article has helped you to discover some ways to get free food delivery. Kindly drop a comment if you know any other way that I do not mention in this post.

I also recommend that you should download the eezly Montreal food delivery app to get some free delivery offers. eezly is a food delivery aggregator that features a lot of restaurants. You can take an advantage of eezly to get free food delivery deals in Montreal.

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