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Top 8 Delivery Restaurant Challenges and How to Solve Them

As consumers move from restaurant to business in-home delivery services, technological growth has grown exponentially in the industry. Food delivery services are currently at the forefront of the online marketplace.

According to statistics, the total revenue of the online food order market is expected to grow by 8.8% by 2024. Food delivery businesses continue to receive a large number of new customers each day. With the foundation of a developing market and future opportunities, many start-ups and businesses are entering the market with high momentum, making the market competitive and challenging for firms to hold. We will discuss some of the key challenges restaurants are facing nowadays.

The Biggest Challenges Facing Today’s Food Delivery Businesses

  1. Food Security Challenges

The number one problem restaurants face is the food security challenge. There is a number of factors that can affect food quality and quantity. Especially the storage facilities for the food that requires special care or that needs specific temperature and storage conditions.

As a restaurant owner, you may find many problems with food transportation, such as items that do not show up on time, that need transportation, or special care.

Providing safe and nutritious food to customers is the ultimate goal of all the restaurants out there. But with COVID always lingering on the head of owners it takes much more effort than before to keep up with food security guidelines.


Food-related restaurant problems should be handled slowly and carefully. First, search for a reliable online food ordering program for restaurants. Take the time to research a couple to find one that will not burn all available resources but moreover will not trade for quality.

Second, train your employees in a hygienic, healthy manner and make sure they are submissive to them. Everyone who comes in contact with food should wear gloves, wash their hands, wash their uniforms, and use safety equipment. It should be disinfected and cleaned on the surface.

If all else fails, make good decisions about your customers consistently.

  1. Internet Presence

One of the biggest problems restaurants are facing is getting more customers online without parting with their money in the online food order system of restaurants. They may function as friends of the restaurant, but they take the tone of the commissions and control the exchange. However, there are doubts among beginners – How can you make the most of your online presence without commissions?


White label restaurant software is the only solution. “Improvement is difficult” – your restaurant website should be optimized in terms of marketing and SEO to help you get into Google’s main page, where more potential customers can contact your restaurant.

  1. Hygiene and Health

Problems in cafe kitchens start to get worse if the restaurants do not meet the hygiene and health standards.


Train staff to wash their hands as health professionals now strictly recommend avoiding contaminating food. They should use sanitizers regularly and use hand gloves. Their uniforms should be clean and their nails short. They should avoid wearing any jewelry, cosmetics, and perfumes. Covers, kitchen shoes, and hairnets must be compulsory.

  1. Lack of Automation

Nowadays, restaurant businesses are facing operational challenges with a lot of self-employment. It creates problems with restaurant solutions and many implementation issues. Lack of automation in the ordering or online delivery system will not only make the whole process utterly time-consuming not just for the worker but customers will also have to wait more than the mentioned time to get their meals delivered.


Buy white-label software. Simplify food ordering and delivery procedures with a customized cell phone. Try the free online food order system of restaurants from FrescoFud, if you can’t afford one.

Modern POS and secure online payments should be a priority. Customers feel easier to use online payments instead of cash when delivering. Uber Eats is a great app that can perform the whole process automatically.

  1. Restaurant is packed with customers 

The food couriers need to bring as many items as they can to support themselves. For them, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for food to be picked up.

If too many couriers are waiting inside your restaurant, that may remove the feeling of dining inside your guests, especially if you are working in a small area. Your meal may feel rushed or cramped. Your employees, on the other hand, need to deal with all of these incoming food couriers to collect orders. They will therefore be easily distracted from doing their job.

Lastly, if your preparation times and waiting times for orders do not change, this will affect your plans for the third-party delivery platforms, reducing your internal system level.


One solution is to reconsider the design and flow of your restaurant to accommodate the specially-designed waiting areas for couriers. You may also want to think about screen display order settings that are well placed in your delivery location. This will increase the efficiency of your take.

To improve your position on online food delivery networks, you should know that many of these online order clients calculate the average preparation times according to the restaurant order history on the platform.

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To ensure that these estimates are accurate, you need to direct your order process and prepare and adjust them.

Deliverect customers Poule & Poulette and The Regency Club have invested in this so that indoor meals are less affected by their presence and the kitchen can communicate better about the right orders

  1. Customers can’t find your restaurant in the app

Cities like London, Montreal, Madrid, Amsterdam, Dubai, and New York count thousands of restaurants with delivery services. With many of those signing up for venues such as Uber Eats, Postmates, Talabat, eezly, and Deliveroo, the number of in-site restaurant listings, as well as competition, is huge.

Now, what if your restaurant can be found by potential customers? Improving your delivery business is the key to ranking high on food delivery apps and using your position.

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Faster preparation times, faster delivery times, higher acceptance, and online prices, in short, better delivery performance will lead to better customer reviews and better status for your listing.

By managing your delivery work as effectively as possible, you can quickly improve the above-mentioned metrics with minimal effort. For example, customer delivery of Absurd Bird has increased delivery time and ratings, leading to higher visibility in the Uber Eats app.

  1. Restaurant Management Team Building

Many of the problems in restaurant management range from the owner wanting to do everything.

The fact is that even if you know how to manage restaurant staff, you will not have time to do that and keep a close eye on day-to-day operations.


You cannot do everything as a restaurant owner. You need a manager or management team you can trust. They will keep things running smoothly and come up with much-needed rules for restaurant staff while helping the restaurant make a profit.

That doesn’t mean you should not get involved. On the contrary, you should try to be present every day, especially in the first year. To avoid confusion and waste money, organize staff carefully. You do not need five servers when the restaurant is empty, and you cannot manage in pairs when the restaurant is busy. Both of these situations will lose money and cause negative reviews.

Once you have found the perfect balance, train your staff on how to handle different situations. Provide them with resources and incentives when they are doing a good job and achieving individual goals.

  1. Customer Service

Many of the restaurant problems and their solutions are related to customer service. In order to turn customers into returning customers, you need to keep them happy and give them a flawless food experience. This can be especially challenging when they are rude or disruptive, such as when they are clearly intoxicated and asking for more of your services at less price.


Customer problems at the restaurant can grow rapidly. Train your staff to be ready but firm. If the customer is completely interested, treat all stages of the dining experience with the same care. It is not just the food that matters.

Keep in mind that customers may leave you updates online. If you find a lot of negatives, it can affect your reputation and your online credibility. That being said, there is no such thing as a good review of anything if the customer is rude or angry with the waiting staff.

Bottom Line 

With a rising surge in in-door dining after the pandemic is over and rising online customers, it is really difficult for the restaurants to stay put and together during peak hours. And the challenges we mentioned above are some of the very common problems every restaurant faces. But with the solution, suggestions, and advice we mentioned above you can easily cope with these. Just focus on managing your team, improving your customer service and internet presence, and keeping everything aligned with the strict protocols of food security.

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