You are currently viewing Your Hunt For ‘Top Turkish Food Near Me’ In Canada Will End Here!

Your Hunt For ‘Top Turkish Food Near Me’ In Canada Will End Here!

The culinary scene of Montréal and Ottawa is well-known worldwide. Here is the essential guide to Ottawa and Montreal’s top Turkish food near me so you can get a real taste of Turkish food. 

The top Turkish food near me in Ottawa and Montreal that serve the most delectable meals currently available in town and are delivered are mentioned in this guide. This list is meant to give you a sense of the current vibe in the cities and to put your finger on the pulse of the most star-worthy Turkish spot.

16 Best Turkish Food Near Me To Try

Fairouz Cafe

Byward Market 15 Clarence Street Ottawa, ON

Fairouz Cafe is a contemporary Turkish restaurant Ottawa. Take home your favorite meals, desserts, snacks, and wines, or enjoy a daily selection of quick, healthy meals in their cozy cafe. They are offering delivery as well as takeout.

Please use the OpenTable website or the uber eats app to place your takeaway or delivery orders online. Please select one of our two delivery options when ordering. You can take advantage of delivery or takeout service, Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:00 to 9:00 pm.

The Turkish Village Restaurant

2095 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans, ON K1C 1C5, Canada

For over 30 years, the Turkish Village Restaurant has been offering genuine Turkish cuisine. From soups to meze, meat dishes to vegetarian dishes, pastries to desserts, the menu features an incredible variety of Turkish specialties that are all lovingly made by our kitchen staff.

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Pita Bell Kabab

1696 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 1C6, Canada

One key thing that distinguishes them from other restaurants is their extensive menu. The esteemed clients are provided with various things in addition to taste. Relatively simple Middle Eastern restaurant serving sandwiches, pita pies, and kebabs made with charcoal-grilled halal meat. They accept phone orders solely for take-outs for greater convenience.

House Of Mandi

1183 Hunt Club Rd Unit 108, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 8S4 Canada

This Turkish restaurant in Ottawa serves authentic, traditional cuisine. Choose the best components available to provide you with a truly authentic taste. All customers in the Ottawa region have access to online ordering. They provide free delivery to any location in Ottawa for orders over $95, $10 for orders over $35, and $15 for orders under $35.

Ottawa Kebab

577 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 5P2, Canada

Take a break at Ottawa Kabab, where you can sample prepared lamb shanks, mixed grills, and grilled meat. You can order takeout at this location. It is said that the personnel is well-trained here. A significant advantage of this place is the superb service. Many reviewers comment that the pricing is fair, considering what you get.

Tava kitchen

7B Kakulu Rd, Kanata, ON K2L 2L4, Canada

This Turkish food near me serves Turkish cuisine. Lahmacun, Kosi, and meat pies are all expertly prepared here for your pleasure. Tava Kitchen is renowned for its outstanding customer service and helpful, cheerful personnel. Simple dining establishment that serves baked goods, including traditional Turkish flatbread and wraps.


4552 Saint-Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2J 2L3, Canada

Mahi-mahi ceviche, chicharrón sandwiches, roast chicken, and other dishes are served at Barranco.

The dishes served at Barranco food near me are causa (mashed potato terrines filled with ingredients like avocado, grilled octopus, shrimp, and more); Pollo Brasa, the country’s famous crispy-skinned roast chicken, chicharrón (succulent fried pork) in a taco, and sandwich form, layered with sweet potatoes, chimichurri, and salsa criolla. For Turkish food delivery Montreal, order via UberEats.


5215 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S4, Canada

Come here to recover after a strenuous stroll around the Montreal Fire Museum. In the comfort of Mirazu, experience fresh flavors of Turkish food. You might need some rolls, turkey, and lamb that have been expertly braised. The distinguishing feature of this place is that it serves delicious yogurt, brioches, and parfait. You will not soon forget the delicious wine you can sip. Here, excellent coffee is available.

Choose from inside or outdoor sitting. The friendly crew makes this establishment excellent by working hard and remaining upbeat.

Cafe Gitana

2080 Saint-Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2X 3K7, Canada

Café Gitana offers the best Turkish food in Montreal. At this location, do not forget to have some excellent parfait and prepared baklava. This restaurant is well-known for its delicious beer, scotch, and wine. If you visit this restaurant, you must have excellent coffee or mint tea. This pub is widely recognized for its superb customer service and helpful employees always willing to assist you. Many individuals point out that the costs are reasonable for what you get.


2077 Saint-Catherine St, Montreal, Quebec H3H 1M6, Canada

All guests will enjoy the selection of Turkish and Mediterranean dishes on the menu. Many people claim that the waitstaff here serves delicious dumplings, gozleme, and chicken skewers. Among the foods to sample at Avesta are superb yogurt and delicious baklava. Positive reviews are given to delicious rakia. You will not likely regret making a good tea choice.

This establishment is renowned for its excellent customer service and helpful, courteous employees.

Turquoise Maison Ankara

3662 Rue Fleury E, Montréal-Nord, Quebec H1H 2S6, Canada

Here, you may find the recipes and ingredients of Turkish cuisine. The turkey, pides, and lahmacun at this eatery are delicious. The Turquoise Maison in Ankara is well known for its excellent customer service and helpful personnel. The cost is reasonable for the quality you receive. Enjoy this place’s relaxing atmosphere.

Cafe Replika

252 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2W 1E5, Canada

At this Turkish restaurant Montreal near me, Turkish cuisine is waiting for you; do not interrupt your visit. If you are hungry, stop by for expertly prepared breakfast sandwiches, Montreal-style bagels, and sesame salmon. At this cafe, try some tasty biscuits, simit, and chocolate cookies. You should try the excellent moccasins, tea, or chai latte here.

Café Replika is easily accessible by all modes of transportation because of its strategic position. The affordable pricing at this location will make you happy. Visitors can unwind in this space thanks to the lovely decor and inviting atmosphere.

Antep Kabab

1626 Maisonneuve Blvd W, Montreal, Quebec H3H 1J5, Canada

Visit this restaurant if you enjoy Turkish food. While there, enjoy the tasty chicken skewers, spicy chicken sandwiches, and beef kebabs at Antep Kabab. You may be deeply impacted by delicious yogurt, and a parfait prepared just right. Excellent orange drink pairs nicely with the delicious lunch.

Because you can order food for takeout, this eatery is excellent for folks who eat dinner on the go. The welcoming staff is what makes this place so lovely. This eatery claims its prices are reasonable.

Kebab Express

5567a Ch. de la Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal, QC H3T 1Y8, Canada

Visitors can enjoy Turkish food here. Many people come to this restaurant to enjoy the expertly prepared sandwiches, lamb sandwiches, and donors. Yogurt tastes good. Try their excellent tea.

The restaurant Kebab Express is highly recognized for its excellent customer service and helpful personnel always willing to assist you. Prices are reasonable. Visitors can savor the elegant decor and pleasant atmosphere at this location.

Mansion Istanbul

5106 Rue Jean-Talon E, Saint-Léonard, QC H1S 1K7, Canada

Customers at this restaurant can taste Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. At Maison Istanbul, customers may enjoy delicious sandwiches and doners. The staff’s positive attitude is mentioned frequently by guests. The promptness of the service is noted by many. You get at this location a serene atmosphere.

Efes Sweet

689 Rue Saint-Roch, Montréal, QC H3N 1L2, Canada

At this bakery restaurant, Turkish food is prepared well. The turkey, cheese pies, and burek that Efes offers are all cooked to perfection. It makes sense to get delectable baklava, simit, and biscuits. It will be excellent for tea enthusiasts.

Many visitors praise this eatery’s staff for their efficiency. Visitors come here because of the enjoyable service.

Bottom Line 

In this guide, we have gathered a list of Turkish restaurants and cafes in Montreal and Ottawa. If you are looking for a restaurant with Turkish food near me, pick one of the restaurants mentioned above.

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