*Currently only available in Quebec province

Order differently.
Easily compare food delivery services in one single app and save an average of $5 and 15 minutes per order.

*Currently only available in Montreal, Canada

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Always find the best offers for
your stomach and your wallet.

Choose your meal and compare different delivery services by cheapest, fastest,
zero emission, or by local companies only before checking out on eezly directly.

Save $240 and 12 hours per year by ordering only once a week.

If you order twice a week, that’s $520 and 26 hours in savings per year. You get it right?

Enter the number of time you order per month to see how much you could save per year.

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Money Saved

15 Minutes

Time Saved

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Why people love ordering on eezly.

Save time and money

Going through different delivery apps to compare prices is time-consuming and non-efficient. eezly allows you to instantly compare the food delivery prices of our partners.

Transparent pricing

Our price comparison feature allows you to see in detail where every dollar spent is going. On top of that, we do not charge extra fees to order from our platform.

Only one account needed

No more headaches trying to remember your passwords on different food delivery apps. You only need one account with eezly to order from all our food delivery partners.

Support your local economy

Ordering on eezly means supporting your local economy, as all our restaurants and food delivery partners drivers are operated by local citizens, just like you.

How does the eezly food delivery app work?

1. Browse our restaurant selection

2. Add some meals to your cart

3. Filter the different delivery services

4. Checkout on eezly directly

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*Currently only available in Quebec province